My family is cursed and has been all my life

Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone knows any spells to remove a curse as well as one that could help me destroy an enemie.

Today I was told by my mother that a family friend has told my mom that she cursed her and that’s why her entire life has been shit and nothing will ever get better for her or her children because when she was younger my mom lefted her daughter at another family friend’s house who was addicted to drugs; not saying my mother was right for leaving her but she was young and stupid and like all those who were once young, she made a mistake.

My life has been pretty shit and it has been getting better since I decided to move away from my mom but it’s still shit and I always wondered why we endured so much and always have been greeted with catastrophe wherever we went and now that I have an answer I’m furious and aching to exact my revenge on her. I did want her kin to face it too but she’s done so much to them that they don’t even consider her their mother.

Because of her and her actions I suffered as well as my mother and siblings and now she must too, I want her dead but I want the road to death to be one that is miserable, terrorizing, and agonizingly beautiful.

I don’t know if this is important or not, but she’s also is associated with Caribbean magick, my mom said something like malibu but she wasn’t sure and if anyone can also help identify the type she is invested in that would be helpful too.

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i too was the victim of a bloodline curse. evoke Belial, he’ll tell you what you need to do.


Opfall is an angel that can also help lift curses.
He helped me

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Thank you

This sounds like this person was playing on your mother’s fear in order to get her to curse herself. Yes. Self imposed hexes are a thing and it is one type of curse that people without alot of experience rely on. The persons fear of the supposed curse causes them to end up cursing themself also known as the self-imposed jinx.

Look into 7 day uncrossing rituals. It is essentially a type of exorcism. Depending on how crossed up things are you may need to do it more than once.


I never really considered that, thanks.

Try smudging yourself, your house, and your family with sage. And then do the uncrossing ritual @Dinmiatus referred to.