My family is being attacked by voodoo and black magick help

There is a conflict between multiple people of my family, relatives of my father’s. They cast black magick on our family. I’ve confirmed it from 3 sources that we are being attacked with black magick and voodoo from 2 family members. the previous year my mother was attacked with black magick around the same time as of now. My mother’s business is collapsing and we might have to sell the house. I and my relatives have been going to literal hell. the sources also confirmed that 2 dead spirits are leeching my lifeforce as of right now and I’m feeling fatigued all the time combined with touches and difficulty controlling my thoughts. Multiple people are protecting me and my family with rituals but the magick that is being cast on us is just too strong. I don’t know what to do anymore as of now. I am a beginner and tried the Lesser Banishing Ritual from EA Koetting multiple times, didn’t seem to work. I’ve been doing mantras every day from goddess Kali and Shiva and told my family to do them as well. I’ve also called Metatron and Michael for protection. Is there anything I can do more as of now? And should I contact a professional occultist to protect our family or evoke a spirit to protect us?

Voodoo is the religion I assume you mean hoodoo? And if the lesser banishing ritual isn’t working you could always try the greater banishing ritual or a return to sender.

I’ll look into it, thank you

I’m happy to work through this with you , try making offerings to The Archangel Michael consistently .

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The voodoo entities are very powerful and not demonic but also not angelic. Banishing isn’t probably helping. Why don’t you talk to a Medium or start working with the loa and protective veves. Do rituals for Papa Legba :heart: and after 7 days Baron Samedi :heart:

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If you are being attacked by the LWA, the only way to call them off is to have a priest or a hougan petition them on your behalf. Western techniques like banishing rituals will not be effective.

@note_dude @Rav I will start doing offerings then. Thanks for the help

Thanks for the help. I will be looking into a voodoo priest