My experiences with the Law of Attraction

I learned important things about LOA throughout the years.

First, intention is the most important thing.

Second, it is a myth that thinking too much about something you don’t want will manifest. Your true intentions are what really count.

Third, it is another myth that you cannot repeal something, because you will only attract what you don’t want by thinking about it. I have used LOA to repeal negative cercumstances from me.

I have good tip for manifesting your desires. I aim to not overthink. Be so confident in your ability to attract things that you don’t even have to say things like, “I can attract anything I want”. If you really could, then you wouldn’t have to say such things.

Another tip is to not get too hung up on failures or tie too much of your emotion into your workings. Even the most powerful LOA workers fail.

I combine these teachings with good mindset and attitude obtained through meditations and affirmations.


Napoleon Hill’s teachings contain plenty of advice to avoid stepping into hubris of that kind:

In ancient Greek, hubris referred to “outrage”: actions that violated natural order, or which shamed and humiliated the victim, sometimes for the pleasure or gratification of the abuser.

By bragging about one’s skills in that way, you shame those who are suffering, both for the difference in your state compared to theirs, and also through the implicit accusation they deserve what they experience because they created it themselves, and that’s definitely NOT a thing those great early authors would condone.

He also provides the basics of of personal alchemy, by turning misfortunes, which he openly instructs people will still occur, into the seeds of an even greater benefit.


I totally agree. People never create their own misfortunes with LOA. There are so many other factors. A lot of things just happen coincidentially. Anyone can come down with misfortune, like sickness, illness, cancer, homelessness, etc. There are also good and evil spirits that can influence people in good and bad ways. I believe spirits mostly influence people in good ways, though one can have evil spirits influence them if for example person is drug addict. From experience I witness drug addict influenced badly by evil spirits. This person would go into terrible mood (this is an understatement; more like a rage) when under influence of drug, and this probably attracts or opens up door for evil spirits.

Me not using such affirmations, like “I can attract anything I desire”, is just a tip to try. Do whatever works for you. I have much great success by training my mind instead to be focused like laser through meditations.

Very nice. I had more results using planetary magic + manifestation/conscious creating, whatever you want to call it. I’ve most recently looked into dream work, to figure out why I can’t manifest something very specific, and I’ve gotten some interesting results/feedback.

Do you believe, OP, that the subconscious has to be aligned with your consciousness in order to produce a result? If ANYONE has any insight into that, I’d love to hear. I also wonder if planetary work partially bypasses the need to have a subconscious that’s all onboard. :thinking:

I used to use the moon and sun. I’d use the power of a waxing moon as amplification for attracting something. I’d use the power of a waning moon to repel something.

For using the sun I’d face east to amplify the power of attracting something and west to get rid of or repel something.

Your subconscious should automatically be aligned with your consciousness. Perhaps you would like to amplify the effects of your workings. I don’t do this anymore, but I will tell you what I used to do to achieve success. One example is I would program my mind to fully align with my goal. This is done through affirmations. Affirmations are really underrated. I never overwork myself. I make my affirmation short and simple. Imo, repeating 20 to 40 affirmations while “channeling the energy” is plenty enough. I do this once daily. If I go over or obsess, it just becomes too much and may even be counterproductive.