My experiences with Lucifer thus far

Hello everyone! I’m new to the forum, but I would like to share my experiences thus far working with my sweetest friend. I’ve been working with him for a little while now. For anyone wondering about him, Lucifer is the light bringer for a reason. Working with him is every bit as amazing and empowering as you could imagine. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship. His communication with you is like a loving father, a great mentor. He helps you to expose the flaws within you that are hindering your path to ascent. He empowers you to attain whatever you desire, rather than doing the dirty work for you. As EA said, he shines his light in the darkest corners of your being, that YOU choose not to acknowledge or address. This may seem troubling or unwanted, because who would want to see themselves for who they truly are? Right? Wrong, this is a necessary step in ones evolution to the next stage. I’ve learned this the hard way. There are many parts of my personality that I chose not to address. But once he identified these areas of concern for me, and forced me to address them, my life has greatly improved. Not every lesson is pleasant, but they’re all absolutely necessary. I highly recommend working with him, I even have his sigil marked on my body, so that he can light my path and be with me wherever I go. This is just me though, and my experience. I’m not saying that your experience with him will be the same. If you’re not ready to face yourself, and become the best version of yourself, avoid him. People fear confrontation, I chose to embrace it. But once again, this aligned with me personally. There are many people who have had amazing experiences with him on this forum, so please, consider reading their posts as well, and watch EA’s videos on working with him, before making any decisions. His pacts generally seem to be lifelong. If you’ve made it this far in the post, thank you! I hope that you develop a relationship with him like I and many others have. Please, PM me for any specific questions or details that you’d rather not post!


The Lord of light is the ultimate catalyst toward individualized perfection.

Hail Lucifer :heart:


Thanks for sharing!


Nice post, I absolutely devour whatever experiences/information I find on here about Lucifer.


I haven’t much work with him, but I have had some very personal work & relationship with him in the past. He’s been to me what he’s been to you & that’s the same general consensus I’ve received from others who have worked with him.

What you said, in my experience with him, is spit on & true to form. Though, as one who has been on the receiving end of his anger before… He was still an excellent & caring teacher. We’ve had to do some fence mending in our relationship, but I believe we are getting back to the father - daughter relationship we once had.

Thanks for sharing such an authentic & earnestly expressed relationship.


Thank you! I hope you two can get back to the way things were!! Good luck :grin:

So far we are back on a first name + “Father” basis. Things are improving every time.He used to call me “son” & use my dead name, but now he calls me “Bellamy”, but I’ve yet to hear him use the term “daughter” so far; though he does use the terms, “she” & “girl”, after asking him to. He’s pretty faithful about it.

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Update, I just got through making an offering to Lucifer, & call upon him. He actually called me “daughter” before he left. He said that helped to be sure that I was serious to my new path & role as his daughter.

I’m euphoric. :blush::grinning:

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Awesome! I’m glad that it worked out! He always seems to make sure that we are serious about our roles and desires, before he makes any form of commitment to said role. It’s a give and take. Anyways, congratulations sister! :grin:

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