My Experiences with Azazel

So, I’ve evoked Azazel twice, and I want to check with other people to see if their experiences coincide with mine.

The first time I evoked him was just to talk. I had a list of questions for him, and he answered them all. The thing that really surprised me about him was how casual he was. It was a friendly conversation with a pal, not some stiff formal ceremony. He seems to be a fairly laidback spirit. And, when he didn’t know the answer to a question, he said so plainly. He also seemed pleasantly surprised that I called him just to talk, and not to demand some grand task be completed.

The second time was more serious. It’s a long story, but the short version is that I’ve been suffering from what is best described as a spiritual disease for the last four years. Conventional medicine and psychology have gotten me nowhere, and I gave up on them a long time ago. Using magic, I’ve gotten something of a handle on what might be causing it. On an intuitive hunch, I called Azazel and asked him to help. Can’t say yet whether he’s succeeded in fixing it, but the initial results look promising (this was only about four days ago).

But all this has me curious. Azazel was not what I expected, in a rather wonderful way. As I mentioned, he’s chill and calm. He seems nonchalant about most things, although he is dedicated to completing the task I’ve asked of him. He’s even said that, if he can’t do what he said he’d do, then I don’t have to do the thing I agreed to do as payment. He said to consider this a business transaction between equals and told me to stop thanking him so much. He’s also offered to teach me how to access more magical power, and seemed thrilled when I said I wanted him to teach me how to do things myself, not just to do things for me without my involvement.

So, so far, I’ve had a great experience with him, and will definitely take him up on his offer to teach me things. It seems out goals align quite nicely. So, what have other people experienced with him? How does he show up for you? I’m curious.