My Experience with Wealth Magic

For all of you that follow my Journal ^-^
My Latest news I am possitive that the Nitika ritual failed from Gallery of Magic and that the 3 angels ritual also failed and backfired bad on me and a few other people which I sold them rituals for money we ALL lost money or business died one guy messaged me that he even attached a jinn with these books.

And mind you it doesnt sound that bad here but my entire income stoped for a few months and I was thinking dangerous things like switching countries which I now know would have bee bad!

I think the problem in the books of Gallery is that you demand of the spirits like they are your slaves. Please write your experiences.

Rituals that worked for me
Giving Bune Offerings and multiple Hindu Gods like Ganesh Laxmi Sandalphon and the square for wealth
Things are great now I also play alot of hindu matras which work awesome.
So what I found out is that you have to be friends and give offerings otherwise you fuck up your life and things that hit hit hard

f the above gods made it work out for me and the angels and nitika didnt and made all matters worse that is a clear sign of backfire and the spirits not liking me or a BAD sistem to follow

Also guys what protection do you use! There are many native spirits that are ataching themselves to me and I clean myself daily!


I don’t mean to discount your experiences, but I really doubt that the Angels of Omnipotence (Elubatel, Ebuhuel, and Atuesuel) screwed you over. I performed that operation around 6 or 7 months ago, and the first few months after completing it were pretty rough. I experienced rather major disruption in my personal life, including social connections, as well as in my day-to-day activities and in my internal mental states. There was much destruction, but I did not completely fall apart.

Now, with the benefit of hindsight and perspective, I am able to better see the purpose behind the effects of the Angels and of Leviathan (who is guided by the Angels). I think it is very important to remember that Wealth Magick is all about the long game. The purpose of the operation is to bring about a radical, complete life transformation, and while some magick can work overnight, this sort definitely does not.

In order to bring about such an extreme degree of change, your life, and importantly, your self needs to change in just as extreme a manner. This can be quite uncomfortable, but if you have courage and perseverance you will be rewarded.

You may remember that the author states that you may lose current streams of income. He said that he himself lost several freelance jobs, which on the surface seems quite negative and like the magick “backlashed.” He also says, right after this, that it gave him the time to work on other things that were much more lucrative in the long-term than these one-off jobs. If your business has failed, it may be because that was inevitable, and that the Angels are saving you precious time from pursuing a doomed enterprise.

The authors also explain that you do not treat the spirits like slaves, but that you do command them with authority, be they angels, demons, or spirits of fire (all of which are in the book). The difference here is important. A good boss does not allow their employees to undermine them, but is also quick to reward and express gratitude for a job well done. But unlike employees, the spirits do not even require payment, just trust and gratitude.

I’m taking the time to write this because I have had and am still experiencing very good results with Wealth Magick, and I don’t want people feeling like they are going to be screwed over, or work with weak magick. In truth, I wouldn’t be surprised if situations like this are why the Gallery removed the book from sale for a time. The issue isn’t that the magick is impotent, but that it is so incredibly effective and powerful that it can catch people off-guard if they don’t realize what they’re getting into.

I’d also like to point out that if you say “this magick has failed,” then it is pretty much guaranteed to do so. If you are patient, and allow the magick to manifest when and how it will, you will often be surprised by the results. The Gallery suggests waiting a year before declaring that your magick has failed, to give it time to manifest. They also say that if you are willing to wait a year, it will often manifest much more quickly than if you demand an immediate result.

As for protection, I use Magickal Protection, also by Damon Brand.


that is nice but i dont know it is not a good experience. why didnt bune stop my business then and yes i made some big money habits afther the magic but all of my money stoping overnight is depressing and makes you angry. they may still work i doubt nitika does i am certain that ritual is messed up you are making demands there

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i had bad effects even from yelling at angels in a demanding manner well on the good side fromtrial and error i think when i get the hang of things i will be very powerful in a native level

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t say it was an entirely pleasant experience. There were many days where I felt depressed, doubtful, and just wanted to give up on the process altogether, especially when it seemed that things were just getting worse, and that none of my magick was working.

What I think is important to remember with this magick is that you are totally re-writing the script of your life to make way for extreme prosperity and wealth. I don’t know how much wealth you desire, but for me I want to be a multi-millionaire within the next 10 years, not necessarily all cash, but definitely net worth of several million.

In order for this to come about, I’ve needed to completely change my career direction to make this possible. This is acceptable to me, as this new direction is actually much more in-line with my True Will than my previous career goals, but it has required me to change many of my attitudes and to learn many new skills. I’ve still got a ways to go, but I am beginning to see the path to greatness that the Angels have laid before me.

I think you actually have quite the advantage in your situation, as you already have experience starting and operating a business venture. Perhaps you have an idea for another company that’s been nudging you in the back of your mind? I’d encourage you to explore the possibility of opening a new business, or perhaps expanding your existing venture in a new and unexpected way.

The key is that if you want to dramatically increase your income above your current levels, then it makes sense that you will need to do something other than what you are currently doing. If your existing operations were enough, then you would already be on the path to wealth.

If you want to some day have tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars, like I do, then you need to think big. Why limit yourself to your current situation, when extreme wealth is a very possible goal to achieve with the magick that is before you?

As for your experience with Bune, my guess is that she is just doing what you’ve asked of her - to assist your current business situation. Brand states in the book’s FAQ, “You can do straightforward money magick and stay in the same wretched industry for thirty years. This book ensures that if you’re in a career or industry that makes you unhappy, you find a way out.” It seems, then, that most money magick will simply help with gradual improvements to your existing situation, while this wealth magick is designed to disrupt and change your existing situation more dramatically.

And for the record, I have not been following the book to the letter, as I have needed other magick to assist with more short-term problems, but I have kept my long-term vision on building my career. You may also find it helpful to work on more short-term situations, so that you can pave the way for your long-term goals. I think the Goetia in particular are ideal spirits for building a business empire, as their energy is conducive to this mindset, and their powers are very useful in many business situations.

I hope that this is helpful to you, and to any interested in Wealth Magick. In a world that is far from fair or balanced, magick offers a genuine way to ascend up the socioeconomic triangle, and I want to help people realize that, with magick and mundane efforts combined, financial difficulties can become a thing of the past, for them and those they care about. Change is required, along with a willingness to learn and to make mistakes along the way, but I know that magick can change people’s lives for the better, just like it has mine.


With the wealth Magick book I haven’t even yet started with the first sigil ritual and only in to my second week of the daily affirmations and finances already got shitty :cry: I started this when there was no major desperation for money and now my hours are cut to half at work .