My Experience With The Runes: Sowilo

I got up (or more like was suddenly woke up) at 11:27 PM after going to bed at 6 immediately after getting home from work. I knew I wanted to spend some time meditating and doing ritual work and I felt like this was the perfect time to do it. I atr a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios and got to it. In the middle of practicing banishing and manipulating energy, i got the idea to open the Runes like you would a square of a house spirit (like the House of Kel from Book of Azazel). I would not be calling forth the Rune itself, but the SPIRITS in that “House” so to speak. In this, i recieved a ritual that basically formed of itself. Everything took shape as it came to me.

The Ritual

So for this, the idea is to not even cast a circle first…or at all. You will draw the Sowilo Rune on the ground using Fiery-Orange flaming energy. And let THAT be the circle in this ritual.

“Pull” the energy into your Middle, and Index fingertips. How do you do this? Concentrate on the energy and will it to come to you and direct it into your fingertips.

Draw the Sowilo Rune

Blank your mind! This allows you to let go of the vizualization and takes you into a light trance.

You will naturally come out the trance. Once you do, sense the environement amd FEEL the Rune. Now it is there on the ground, living and breathing with energy. You do not have to see it in your minds eye for it to be real. You do not see air, yet it is real.

Comcentrate on the Rune with the Intent to “Open” it. You will go into a light trance again when you start to open it, and will come out of trance into a different energetic environment when it is open And completely transformed.

Sense that the Rune is no longer a “Rune” but a gateway into that World of mighty spirits (the spirits who together, are called Sowilo) that come to aid you in your Ascent and Deliver the Lightning Bolt of Freedom/Destruction.

Once you do, deliver the incantation:
Mighty Spirits of the House of Sowilo, Come! Assist me in my Ascent Mighty spirits! Come, come!

Continue to deliver Incantation until you sense the spirits appear. THEY WILL COME. To my eyes, they appear as “Angelic Lumberjacks”. Meaning they appear as spirits who have the Light and Golden Yellow Glow of Sowilo, but also have a strong Earthly energy as well.

Once they are there, command them to give you their power or whatever your will is at that moment.

Part Two:
The Enn/Mantra/Incantation

It was at this point in the Ritual that I recieved a mantra having to do with Thor to Evoke his energy in connection with the Rune. It is as follows:

En nominus lux Thor

Yes that is Latin. I cannot explain why it came to me that way lol. From what i picked up it means:

Thor,The Light without A Name

Chant this until you sense the room getting brighter and brighter with Thors Light.
As you get closer to critical mass, the environment will shift and you will sense Lightning and Thunder. I said sense, not hear lol. When you sense this, scream or say,


And sense the Lighting of The Gods strike down the obstacles that are standing in your way. Feel the Hammer of Thor in your hand. See the sparks of electricity. Feel the weight of its power. For a single moment, become Thor. When you feel you have done so…
With The Hammer Of Thor I strike down my enemies! Slam the hammer on the ground and send forth lightning into the enemies that are before you.

Come back to normal.

Once you do, banish and revel in the power you achieved.

Thats it. The whole ritual. Hope you guys enjoy :v:
More Power to you :fist:


That does happen in my experience, spirits will use words outside the geographic area they are linked to when it suits them. Inspiring and powerful work there mate, if I may say so! :smiley: :+1:

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Thank you @Lady_Eva :smiley:

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Of all the runes I have worked with, Sowilo is the rune I resonate with the most. I’m very happy to see this kind of ritual up here, and I’m very happy to see you in particular working with it!

I also find it interesting that Sowilo takes the form of whatever the mage considers to be the most devastating and primal energy. For you, Sowilo is lightning. For me, Sowilo is a star, the greatest blast furnace in nature, the forge of planets. To me, Sowilo is the usefullness and danger inherent in life itself, the gift of the stars.

To use an older turn of phrase, mad props, friend!


Thanks @Anastasiya :smiley: