My experience with Sallos

I am new to demonology. That is why when I decided to get into contact with Sallos I really didn’t think I would succeed. I did succeed and it surpassed my expectation in the most unexpected way.

My issue: I am actually an exotic dancer. Though I may meet hundreds of men drooling at me a week I do get lonely because, of lack of intamacy or commitment that seems to be a constant issue in my life. I have always wanted a relationship and sometimes in the wrong places. I’ve only been stripping for two years on and off and I’ve dated men who didn’t known what did for a living. I’ve put up with a lot of crap from men that did not deserve me, even before I became an exotic dancer. We’re all human and have needs. I found that I wanted sex, or “superficial intimacy” before really discerning if this person was right for me in the long run or foolishly falling into a player’s trap. I would get short term fixes from flings or one night stands but in the long run it fucked me up.

Without going into much detail about my invocation, Sallos did try to rape me and I did not give in and faught him off. Then we had a conversation about things. He gave me insight about situations. I saw disgusting vile demons and I saw beauty in the astral plane. He was handsome though, with raven hair and beautiful black armor. its been about 3 weeks since my contact. He comes into my dreams sometimes now.

Now I have been so strong in resisting temptation from men, even if it’s for a date, because I can see through the guy who’s asking me out and his end intention with me. My sex drive has actually decreased, (what I needed in order to regain my strength). It has NOT affected my profession at all, however, but improved it. Now I don’t need attention from a hot guy , even if the guy is hot as hell and I’d love to fuck his brains out (lol) I feel very confident in myself and what I have to give, even if that means complete isolation because the person is obviously not going to give me the commitment I need. I think I don’t need anyone at all, whatsoever right now. Now my ex who I still love so much, but is too immature (he’s three years younger), is contacting me and I’m not giving in. I’m actually playing him right now >:D

Invoking Sallos has made me a stronger woman. I think Sallos is adjusting my world view little by little. Thank you.


Tried to rape you? Hmm, interesting experiences.

Girl, I feel you. Been there done that. Damn I can t believe how much alike your story is to mine. Best of luck in finding true love , happiness and peace.

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Isn’t almost every woman’s? :frowning:

I think perhaps what Karenina was referring to is working in the Adult entertainment industry and being regarded by men as a “piece of pussy”. It can be very hard to trust a man, because you regularly see them at their worst. I think there is much guilt and shame attached to what is perfectly natural (admiring a beautiful, sexy body and becoming aroused) and that many of these men are taking these negative feelings out on the women, by treating them with disrespect and refusing to acknowledge what is between their ears, for what is between their legs. These men (and some women too) deserve what ever hell we wise women can give them. Pretending to be interested in someone as a person, just to get them in the sack is deplorable. I laugh in such people’s drooling faces!