My experience with Lucifuge Rofacale

I will be going into a lot of detail with how this encounter went
and the beginning lets say was interesting.

It’s a late Monday night I get messaged by @Aiden_Crow on the power sensing topic I made that’s still ongoing that she feels Void energy and serpentine energy from me @Aiden_Crow then states that it could be Lucifuge Rofacale
I think to my self Lucifuge? Isn’t this a very powerful Daemon that’s revered?
I get a little nervous shortly after I hed into bed and well… I jack off (this is a great start to an encounter isn’t it?) But for whatever reason Lucifuge’s name won’t leave my mind and I stop fapping because of this Ringing in my ears that and his name is almost penetrating my mind. I look at my ceiling and pay attention to the ringing realizing this is Lucifuge’s energy wanting to converse with me I ask my self why but I don’t refuse.
I feel a telepathic connection the room I feel a presence and it’s really fucking strong I then ask Lucifuge “Can I help you Lucifuge Rofacale?” and he responds
“No I wanna help you” I respond “Okay let me think…Why don’t you help me become better at communicating with spirits?” He responds" Well your communicating with me right now without even being in Theta gamma"
“Your a clairaudient you just need to clear your mind that’s it”
I then ask him questions about him like “So your the dark twin of Lucifer?”
his response “Yup” so are you two separate beings and when you fuse you become something else? " we are one in the same" I sort of get what he ment and we move on into the conversation and I get to the point where I feel like I’m Daydreaming you see after awhile of talking to any spirit in a telepathic fashion I basically “Zone out” and that’s what happened all I know is that he taught me somethings on summoning forth spirits (evocation) I then snap out of my zoned out state suddenly and ask him automaticly what spirits do I need to summon?
And he states “You must evoke all of the Goetia” He then shows me the clearest mental image I’ve ever perceived It’s like it was projected infront of my vision rather than my minds eye. He then leaves leaving a nice scent in the room although it’s a smell I’ve never smelled I then go to bed.

This is the exact image he showed me:


I just noticed that there are several sigils that are missing in the image that Lucifuge showed me.

Interesting there is about 4 more that are so post to be there and they don’t look like traditional Goetia Sigils they look more “Sharper” and “jagged” :thinking:


Crime in Italy; how many Goetia are there?

Alright I’m able to answer questions now
But i’m only available for 30 minutes.

Alright I’m back I’ll be available if you guys have any questions.

72 correct?

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