My experience with Lucifer in a week

about a week ago i evoked Lucifer and from than life feels so much better
there was a process that i wanted to start and it was couple of things going wrong and i had no energy to do things bla bla bla (I tell you guys later about it if i succeed it would be one of my biggest dreams coming true)
I was tired and dizzy as usual today but i preyed to him without his help i couldn’t get anything done

shit am i talking a lot ? im a little high actually what im trying to say is

(i hope im gonna make the same kinda post about a year from now and tell you that with his help i got what i wanted)

any thoughts?


Thanks for sharing! Lucifer and King Paimon are well known for helping you get things done. It’s not like they’ll be doing stuff for you all the time, but they’ll surely make you do these things for yourself.

yeah and that’s what i exactly needed

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