My experience with grand Duke Agares


Hello, I felt the need to share this as there was not much experience shared about “Agares”.
Good read on a long post.

I performed the Dom 2 “connection evocation” ritual.
About this Grand demon The first thing I’m going to say is really, It’s very different.
I was sorry that I did not receive a telepathic sound or image during the ritual. But I did not lose my hope and did not expel after the ritual (considering the possibility of contacting)

After finishing the ritual, clearing the place and playing around with the phone for a while, I lay on the bed.
I think I was in a deep trance/theta state just as I was about to fall asleep.
I heard a female voice screaming my name right out of the center of my mind.
It was like this scene:

I got goosebumps. Then he said my name once again (I think he changed his method because I was afraid) but this time a strong voice from the diaphragm (he was like a middle-aged newscaster)

I said who are you
In response, I heard the flutter of thousands of wings and the left side of my body was exposed to the wind from my face to my feet.
Just like this:

I remember the texts I visualized in the association key at that time.

The Evocation Keys of Agares
Agares is associated with the color of white sand, and also the texture of cool sand. There is a scent like swampy water and the sound of small breaths or fluttering wings. There is a taste like salt.”

Me: Are you agares?
Agares: Yes, I’ve been waiting for a long time
Me: I’m sorry. Welcome. What can you do for me in the ritual other than what I want?
That you can keep me one step ahead of the others,
that you can reprogram my aura,
It can destroy unwanted thoughts (causing earthquakes)
Can end delays and activate them,
That I can make me popular and have a fan base
(and a few more things that I cannot write here).
I can’t share the rest here because it’s private, but I can say this much, it’s much more than teaching a language.

  • During a binding association for the first time
    Instead of answering my question with one word, it was an experience that I could clearly understand

as if I was talking to a person in front of me…
(Inverted sentences, without a single word only)

*Another point is that while answering all my questions, I was greatly impressed by the fact that he addressed me by my name and continued to answer :slight_smile:
Agares: Caringangel,….
Agares: Caringangel,…

Me : Thank you for coming and fulfilling my wishes, It’s done. In the name of YHVh You can leave anytime
Agares: I’ll be around for a while.

The sound of a thousand wings fluttering ended after that.

I felt pressure right in front of my left ear all day today. (exactly where the heart beats where the temple is)
At times I felt it interfered with my thoughts.

Thank you…
If you have an experience you want to add, I’m looking forward to it :slight_smile:


Wow, this is a lovely experience!

I remember I asked him for something long ago but it hasn’t manifested. Perhaps he just wasn’t interested, idk.

Either way, he seems like a great, quite interesting spirit.


I contacted Agares to help me achieve success before I applied for a job I really wanted and then over night, I had a dream I was walking on a dirt road.

A blue mustang was flying up and down the street, terrifying me.

It pulled back around and drove up to a mailbox and a man with a super hairy face and almost Latin appearance took out a cigar and blew smoke all over the mailbox

The next day, I got a flat out rejection letter for the job application.


This stuff isn’t easy to undertake and comes with human-made follies that can make or break situations.

Since then, I’m sort of reevaluating my use of spirits

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So you’ve had spirits give you the opposite of what you wanted as well?

I have also worked with Lord Agares, for his specialty in helping with projects.
Before i had a burning desire to work with this spirit about my coding projects. Since i read he can help with projects or project funding. Also protection. So i summoned Lord Agares to assist me with my current project and also bring me more project ideas that generate income. Also asked Lord Agares for solutions whenever i got stuck, and for sure he assisted me. Now my not only do i have one projects, but also about 5 more effective projects ideas. And also have some clients interested in buying some of them. For the protection part, i will ask her to protect my projects from shady project idea stealers #pirates or piracy. I recommend Lord Agares for projects of all sorts or elevating your project or getting project ideas, especially projects related with protection, languages, traveliing, cultural type …
Ave Lord Agares (#My current Patron of Projects)

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