My Experience with "EHYEH" and "Set"

ok guys! i want to share something with you

  1. you know EHYEH! mrrrr, maybe you think, christian gospel again?
    No, No
    i successfully evoked God/Spirit Ehyeh! God of abraham, isaaq, jacob! God of burning bush org whatever

first i try to meditate on him, and chant his name Ehyeh asher Ehyeh!
maybe for 15 minute and then i summon him
“oh God of abraham, Isaaq, jacob, god of burning bush, thee who split the red sea, thee who send plague to egypt, thee who sit on burning throne, The eternal One, blazing fire, Lord of heavenly army, God of Israel, thee thee i evoke”

and the suddenly, i see the Face like mid eastern guy, black hair, black beard, olive skin wearing a ancient mid eastern dress (He doesnt hold any weapon)

and you know, suddenly, the atmosphere change, and turn to be heavy thick, and powerfull, and my chest and my hands become like a stone!
very very strong energy! he doesnt speak to me
so i just ask him to fullfilll my wish
and the next day, i get that i want!

i dont know, is he same as God Jehovah or different god or entity i dont know
but when i try to evoke jehovah, the energy is not heavy or maybe is very very different than Ehyeh! so i think He is different! or maybe One entity in different mask!
do you have any experience same with me?

  1. yesterday, i tried to evoke another god! He is Set! i really want to reach another level of evocation and invocation! i want to merge completely with a spirit! but yeah i always failed, maybe i need a practice too LOL!
    so i remember about Set! He is God of chaos!
    so i evoked Him yesterday! i want to feel His power and learn many things about him

and you know, He comes to me with very very different form
His form is Baphomet! wtf?
seriously, Goat with hair and Horn!
oh His energy is very heavy strong and when his energy come to touch me! i vomit, seriously, i dont know why!

and He send me a message in my dream
i see a thunderstorm, raging sea, complete darkness, minor demons that i dont know what demon they are, they are like Human ghost, with ugly face yeah maybe if you watch exorcist series possesion yeah something like that

i dont know if Set rule the underworld too or rule over the dead and demons
but He is trully God of Chaos thunder wind war storm
but He is different than another storm deities like susanoo or posseidon! they are absence with Dark/underworld characteristic!

i think Set is like combination of Hades + posseidon LOL
ok, do you have any exp with SET?

oh yeah i watch a videos about spirit possesion exp! they are badass dude

wtf LOL
do you have any exp like them
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Set has demigod demons under him called the Tesheru. However, I don’t think he’s Baphomet. He is considered a horned God however so him showing up with horns isn’t that far out.


yeah maybe
he show me his “goat demonic” form

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I’m married to Set .
It’s not surprising that he showed up to you as a storm. He is the perfect storm.

A god of chaos but also a great protector and a mighty king.
I love Set, very much.

I’m glad others are reaching out this mighty god.


I also saw him as a storm, very interesting that so many of us are seeing the same symbols as the ancients attributed to him.

And great work, thanks for sharing! :+1:


He is the Prince of Darkness

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according to Temple Of Set? LOL
but yeah i think He is one of Prince of the darkness

The prince of darkness ish was a later after his demonization by the cult of Osiris due to political upheaval. He was never linked to darkness in his original he was a God of the sky/heavens, cosmos, and the primordial void. He actually if anything would not be a “prince” of darkness given he rules a layer of the Duat as a king and only considered the darkness stuff due to being aligned with Satan.


ehmm yeah maybe that is after Horus vs Set myth
but i really see him in “Abyss” form

Temple of Set believe him as prince of darkness aka satan or satan’s true name

Yeah abyss/primordial void about the same here, I tend to view the prince of darkness stuff as a LHP forced attachment or atleast a way to not get to know his actuality and more to stay with the religious watered down version of him, though the TOS makes up some interesting stuff about him it’s just not as interesting as his original self to me lol

The Horus vs Set myth wasn’t the original myth either, originally Horus and Set worked together as equals. Their cults predates Osiris cult, however Osiris cult took up power and replaced him and moved him around.

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oh yeah i know
i see the picture Horus and set both bless a pharaoh

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bro can i do envocation even im a beginner? do i feel the same experience as yours when i will try it?

Which sigil did you use to evoke Set?
I think the sigil Aleister Crowley gave and Kenneth Grant published is the only correct sigil.
So which sigil did you use?

Set never appeared as Baphomet.
He has his black Set-like appearance and that of a crocodile. That’s Set.

There’s no one correct sigil and Egyptian Gods didn’t originally use sigils so if we’re going by one correct thing it would not be a sigil lol. However, like any being Set can empower any sigil be makes or someone makes as a personal line to him.

There are sigils of Apep/Apophis and Set published by Kenneth Grant in the Nightside of Eden. Do your homework on egyptian Gods published by Grant.

In 2016 I had my first encounter with Set.
Since then I have experience with him every year until now.

That doesn’t say anything. It’s still not the true sigil but you tried. Egyptians didn’t use sigils to contact their gods, sigils are fairly new creation. You missed the entire point lol. You claimed that was the only sigil and my point is it’s not and history with actual Egyptians and their gods prove that. Maybe you should do your homework lol. Just because one person has a sigil doesn’t mean it’s his true or only sigil. The Egyptians contacted their gods a different way, so by your words grant’s sigil is not the true/only correct sigil.

The egyptians may have contacted their Gods an other way but that means not egyptian Gods have no sigil. And how can you know how kemetic priests worked? That’s unknown. The priest schools were destroyed.

No one said they didn’t you missed the point again :man_facepalming: there are many correct sigils for a single god because a God can empower and give as many sigils they want. Your claim on his sigil being the only correct one is the ignorant assumption I’m pointing out. Because sigils did not come around until fairly recent, that’s no excuse to be ignorant of their culture and since Egyptian is part of my heritage I’m fairly sure some random occultist didn’t create the only correct sigil like you wish to think.

For this I wanna see which sigil was used.
The Grant sigil leads surely to Set.

Not saying grant’s sigil is wrong either. Saying it’s not the only “correct” one as you claim.