My Experience with Chakras

I am going to put this here hoping it will help newer people and maybe get some help.

I’m going to place my experiences with my chakras and knowing when they are open, so far I only have two possibly three.

I will start with my crown I had become an arm chair magician for awhile just reading planing on doing but never did, when I started back up King Paimon when I called him opened my crown fully it felt like a cap being placed on my head. Ever since when I call a spirit that’s how I know they are there, it feels like you are wearing a hat.

The third eye, this one I tried WAY to hard to open and when I finally did… I didn’t get the results I expected although I heard a really cool zipping sound when it did. Felt like a pressure kind of like a hole but not a hole if that makes since.

The throat, this one I am not sure about if I started opening it I called forth marbas to help me and I felt a tickle in the area so in assuming that was it opening.

The heart I have not worked to much on this one but reading a post by @Eye_of_Ra I felt warmth just spread across my torso… was hella weird

The solar plexus, I haven’t worked on this on too much to have anything memorable.

The sacral, this one used to be my most open anytime something that had energy that was “unchristian” I felt It and I felt It HARD now a days I don’t feel it as much.

The Root, again I haven’t worked much on this one but it might be a tad overactive (I legit want to fuck anything atm)

I will edit or post replys as I go along and am Making it a wiki for regular members that may have something to add. (Or not if I don’t @Lady_Eva would you be a dear and do so for me I can’t find how to do it :worried:)


Awww … I reached out and touched somebody :heart:

I work with all my chakras daily. If I don’t have alot of time I found a you tube video for a 7 min chakra tuning. I do that when I’m crunched for time.
I also recite Lucifers enn 108 times a day. And right now Belials as well.
I’m a big believer in mantras also.

I do some healing stuff as well. Here are some I’ve been working with.

I love this one :


OMG yass me too. I love medicine chant and mantras.

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i began working on my chakras while i had the chance and i used the graph shown about in my first post, as i funneled the enrgy into my root chakra i could feel it start to turn sort of felt like a clockwork gear spinning if that makes since.

i did this will all my main chakras and as i finished i imagined a golden line go through them and line them all up and im not going to lie i have the same feeling you get when you stand up too fast but i feel… more connected if that makes since.

its like all the excess energy pushed its way out and left a whole where it was.

this really relaxes me.