My experience with Beelzebub.From nanotechnology to Instagram followers

From nanotechnology to Instagram followers.My experience with Beelzebub.
My first meeting with Beelzebub took place 2 years ago.
I fell ill with coronavirus in January 22 and was put into an induced coma. The visions that I had during the month that I spent in an artificial coma were distinguished by their extraordinary brightness and logic of events.
For example, one of my visions was that some woman gave me IVs with a deadly poison, like for prisoners sentenced to death with pistons on top of the IVs.
I lay there and watched as the pistons slowly pumped poison into my body.
This woman, unknown to me, sat a security guard on the chair next to me, who was playing with the phone and fell asleep. I pulled out the IV needles from my vein and stuck them straight through his jeans into the guard and passed out. When I supposedly came to my senses and I saw that the guard had died, and at the top of the IVs there were images, four silhouettes: three were fuzzy and darkened and one was a very frightening silhouette with a milky-colored skull and a crown of the same color on his skull, his appearance terrified me
The woman came out again and said, “Well, since they didn’t take you, then, like, Live.” Later, I realized that I saw the four horsemen of the Apocalypse. Since before that I practiced pagan magic, when I came out of a coma (and learned to walk again, it took about six months) I bought 5 kg of beef liver and took it to the cemetery in gratitude for leaving me alive.
After that 2 years passed. Over the past six months, I accidentally found the grimoires of K. and his colleagues.
Imagine my delight and surprise when in the book about Beelzebub I read exactly the description of this fourth horseman of the Apocalypse - the horseman of Pestilence, whom I saw in a coma. I read that it was Beelzebub. I immediately evocated Beelzebub and asked why he left me alive??. I thought that I stayed to raise my then fourteen-year-old daughter, but Beelzebub told me that they had other plans for me and told me exactly what.
This was my first acquaintance with Beelzebub.
I also asked him to tell me what he could do in our world, to tell me about his power.
Thoughts appeared in my head and I tried to write everything down as K. advised.
I filled three sheets of paper and would like to share some of my notes.
Beelzebub appeared as an elderly man, pale, of noble appearance, with a high forehead, with white, gray hair straight to the shoulders, and closed eyes and mouth, so that the outline of the mouth and eyes was not visible. I asked, “why are the eyes closed?” He answered, “because there is darkness in them.” A moment later he opened his eyes - they were completely black, and then a stream of insects poured out of his eyes and mouth. The sight was terrifying, but not disgusting.
Beelzebub is: a state of flow, working in the flow, getting into the flow.
Accelerator of processes, reduce distance, find a short path to the goal, Swiftness, obstacles dissolve, rapid rise in career.
Chaos in the crowd, disorderly connections on the one hand, and on the other hand order, a list.
Beelzebub can restrain the onslaught of the crowd, he can restrain natural instincts, or, on the contrary, he can let him go all out.
It can get rid of loneliness, give friends, give a feeling of a pack. Like Dumas in “The Three Musketeers” - “One for all and all for one.”
Can bring people together based on common characteristics and interests.
Formation of egregor.
. Can teach how to manage a team, the role of the individual in history. Unbridled, he restrains the herd instinct towards man. Can teach how to stand out from the crowd, stand out not due to individuality, but as a bearer of the main characteristics of a group, a crowd. How a female, enthroned by a flock, accumulates and synthesizes the main characteristics of a herd, flock, collective, Beelzebub will help you rise from the crowd, make you a leader, give you leadership qualities and show you how to lead a crowd, a collective and keep this crowd at your feet .
Construction of a financial pyramid and marketing.
In mathematics - statistics, the image of the average, averaging, approximation.
Can bring many followers on Instagram, Gathers people with common interests.
Next, Fertilization, reproduction, one sperm out of millions plus one egg out of millions. Regeneration. Cycle, Renaissance.
Restoration of neural connections To improve memory.
Nanotechnology, microparticles, from micro to macrocosm.
The trail in the sky from the plane is also Beelzebub.
The most interesting thing is that initially I mixed up the sigil and drew the sigil of Bael, and after a few days I realized that I did not draw the sigil of Beelzebub, which is depicted in K.’s book, but the sigil of Bael. I was very upset, “What was that?” . And then I read that Beelzebub and Bael are sometimes considered the same force. Perhaps this is so.
Recently my daughter had kidney pain and an infection was discovered in her kidneys. Returning home from the ambulance, at the entrance to our house, my daughter saw a flock of flies and said to me, “Look how many flies!” I realized that this was a direct indication that Beelzebub would help with the infection. And he helped.
One of my questions to Beelzebub was: “Are you an Observer?” He replied “No, I am not an observer, I am a Creator!” . He is the driving force, the process and the progress.

I hope it is useful to someone.