My Experience With A Vampiric Entity

I’ve been a researcher for a long time. I’m very lonely, so entities have always been my favorite thing to research. I know a lot about different entities in general, but not too much about specific ones. I was always open minded and optimistic when it comes to them, so you can imagine my excitement when an entity made an effort to attach itself to me.
It first started when I heard a voice. It was late at night, and I was just about to fall asleep. It was a woman’s voice. As soon as I heard it, I imagined a 25-30 year old with long brown hair. I can’t remember what she said, but I could hear her clearly.
A few days later, I had an odd dream:
Me and a group of other teens were in a Stranger Things/ IT type scenario. We thought that some woman that lived on the same street we lived on was murderous vampire. Our group split into two groups to investigate— there was me and another guy, and then the rest of them. The guy and I went to the women’s house. We talked with her for a while, but we kept getting unsettling vibes. We both excused ourselves and went into her kitchen. We started to discuss our thoughts and what we would do next. There was a large pile of silverware on a counter, and I picked them all up. I told my friend that we could attack her with them if we needed to.
As soon as I said this, the woman walked into the room( meaning that she heard what I said). I felt uneasy, so I complimented her silverware and put them back on the counter. She smiled, thanked me for the compliment, and started to get closer. She got on top of me and started to “suck out my soul”.
I wasn’t too scared, surprisingly, and fought back. I used my thumbs to push her eye into her skull. Then, I got on top of her and started to crush her wind pipe. My friend and I quickly rushed out of her house. Something about the street was off, though. The people were ignoring us and nothing felt real. I glanced to the side and saw the woman standing there. Then I realized that the street was an illusion and we were still inside the woman’s house.
Somehow, my friend and I managed to get out of the house through the illusion. We quickly met up with the rest of our group and went to the only place we felt safe: the ocean. We then discussed what happened and what we were going to do next.
When I woke up, I knew it was the voice belonged to her and I knew she was trying to take my energy. I never talked to her, but when I talked ABOUT her, I was very excited. I was like, “We can be best friends and talk about our crushes and do each other’s hair and makeup and have sleepovers and have so much fun!”

• • •

Yeahhhh… That drove her away. XD Haven’t had any experiences with her since then.