My experience in a haunted square

Last night, some friends and I decided to go back to a square in our town. One of them had previously told me that there was a lot of activity over here, when we went there for the first time. Thus, as I wanted to get a better understanding of what was happening, I asked them if they wanted to go back to the square.

The first time, I could feel the difference between the energy in the street and the energy in the square. As I felt some malevolent energy, I decided to use the Banishing Rite of the Dark Lord at the entrance. The energy changed drastically and this part of the square became brighter, thus reassuring my two (female) friends.
While I could not sense everything, one of them told me there were spirits of children playing around us. The three of us stayed there for a little while, trying to learn as much as we could from the surrounding energies. When we left, we could feel something pushing us and I had some entity continuously touching my back.

Last night, things felt a little different. This time, there were still three of us, but one of us was a male friend of one of the girls who accompanied me the first time and who was apparently very interested in magick.

A part of the square looks like it used to be a lake. When we entered this part, unlike the first time, it really felt like we were walking inside a lake. We were struggling to walk, as if water was slowing us down. Our legs felt like they were wet as we went deeper into the lake. They felt drier when we left this part to reach the small playground, beyond the lake.
While walking through the lake, my female friend who can feel a spirit’s energy with ease told me she could hear voices screaming “Go! Go away!” When we reached the playground, I decided to walk alone, to see which one of us was scaring the children: her, her friend or me. As I walked past the playground to get closer to the other entrance of the square, I could hear sounds of leaves getting stepped on. I knew something was at least watching me. When I came back to the playground, my friend told me she could see shadows dancing around me. She added that the children were afraid of me, but they still welcomed me. At this moment, this theme started playing endlessly in my head.

About an hour later, the other female friend who was with us the first time joined us. She had previously told us that some entity had been protecting her since then, making her room smell like thyme.

This is when things got more intriguing. The first girl tried to channel one of the children. She then told us that they wanted to leave this square, but could not because something was trapping them. She managed to visualize some sort of spinning force field which prevented the children from escaping.
The girl then proceeded to channel the energy again, this time holding our other female friend’s hands. The children told her that they thought I could help them break free, somehow. Apparently, they want me to do something on October 31st, to help them escape from this square. They also told her that they were interested in our other friend’s energy, more specifically in the energy emanating from her left side. These children then told us that we shouldn’t try to communicate with them a third time, that night.

We left shortly after, as the wind was getting colder, as if trying to tell us we should leave.

What are your thoughts on this?

Below are some photos I took while we were there, last night. Do you see or sense anything?