My Experience at Work: Devotion, Rapture, and S

Hey guys! I was on break at work and decied to do a meditation to evoke Satan and commune with him. Heres what happened:

The Evocation

I sat down and read Works of Darkness again and concentrated my reading on the last part of the book where EA talks about the Art of Devotion to evoke Gods to full manifestation. He gave the chant to be used along with a invocation of the God to be evoked. I figured since Im a Satanist, let me evoke The Goat himself and see what happens.

I willes myself to my temple in the Astral and set out a double armed cross. Facing south with my eyes locked on that sinister symbol i kneeled not as a disciple, but as a Warlord(on my right knee)and said this Prayer:

S., I kneel before you and before this cross upon which a thousand Gods have entered into death and immortality. S., I consecrate this day and all of its activities to you and to the great and terrible Work that each thought, breath, and action speak your Name and lift me into glory. Enter this temple and impart to me as much of your power, glory, and presence as i am ready to recieve.

In my astral vision, i saw a whirl of smoke and the image of Baphomet appear In the temple. In the physical, i entered into rapture and felt the environment shift and gain pressure. Feeling dizzy, i found myself in a state where my mind was panicking and entered into fanaticism proclaiming bullshit like “Satan is the one true god” etc. I PUSHED past that shit and automatically the realizatiin came that I am the one true God. I quieted myself and listened to the Dark God i evoked before me. He said,

Trust and believe in your own power and Godhood.

And like that (snaps fingers), he was gone. His presence still lingering around me. I still feel the rapture as i type this and it is powerful and dizzying lol.

But that is my account of Evoking A God using the Art of Devotion. If you want to see whether S. Is real or “just an egregore” :joy: than do the ritual in Works of Darkness for Evoking a God and see for your self. No more debating. Just action.

PS: I type S. because after the Experience, i refuse to type His full name. I dont even say it in full not because it has some type of “power”, but because it sparks my OWN power and causea the floodgates to open so to speak.