My Experience and questions

So I am a Christian who had experimented with Kabbalah and magic, when I was in rebellion against God, wasn’t a proud time in my life, but I learned a lot, so I’ll make it short, I worked with Azazel, bought a mask, did a ritual, then found how these spirits operate, through archetypes and signs, they were a little aggressive, so like I saw in a lot of these posts these spirits would try to guid me to a spirit that would beat suit me for a situation, they all had different abilities and such, I didn’t know this btw from research, they just showed me, that’s how I know this was a real experience, for instance, azazel had a dry desert, smoke, sandlewood “feel” to him, leviathan had dingy water, murky vibe to him, and so on, hence why the Bible called them “unclean” spirits. So after working with the main fallen angels, azazel, leviathan, asteroth, Beelzebub, pamion, I got to realize there was an angel named Samael, (this was a while ago with very little arcane background, mostly Christian, so Samael wasn’t a familiar name to me) and because we shared the same name I kinda connected, but after one night of working with these demons or lessor spirits, I had a dream and when I woke up I heard a voice say “God of severity” and it felt like to me that the voice was saying “I” was Samael, the angel of death, and severity, so to skip along cause I’m trying to sleep and I’ll talk more in the thread, I had a vision of what he looked like, Samael or maybe leviathan I’m still not sure, it was a 10 to 11 foot deity, all pale skin, with my face, but with pointed ears and nose, a long white beard, it wore a black robe with a long almost like wizard or witch hat, but draped in stead of pointed (cone of power) it was bare footed and held a sword, it was screaming in tongues and was coming out of a cold dark place. One of the vibes o was getting was that maybe I’m not “the” Samael, but “A” Samael, which is interesting because it almost made it seem like these arch angels or principals/powers, are like a l genome, a template fir us below, almost like how I’m a pisces, or my star is Jupiter, I was born as a Samael, and someone else might be a Lilith, or a Michael, maybe a few put together? Idk, but it was weird after and soon after because there was a guy on YouTube named BlueRae, who said he was a Ba’al, right around the time this happened, and also I did research on Lilith and she had plural Lilith beings working for her, so idk what is of my own conscience and what is real, but I’d like maybe some input? Like I said I’m Christian and I’ll pray for you guys, so let me know what you think and I’m down for input

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