My Evocation Results

Right on!

Thanks for sharing Luxompax, I always enjoy your posts. Very informative. Also thanks to Virdon for asking for this to be shared.

Nephilim press has a new book out Gateways of Stone and Circle which focuses on the evocation of planetary intelligences. Just in case anyone is interested.

Awesome account Luxompax. I especially like the way the sigils look on the balsa wood. I haven’t worked with Bethor since FWB2 but now I want to do it again.



So my quote function doesn’t fucking work!!! Fucking Black Magicians!!!

Anyways, TWF I ordered my copy of Of Stone & Circle from Nephilim yesterday. Should be a keeper especially for my evo skills. Just an aside - I’ve been very happy with the quality of their releases in material and actual book binding etc.

If you get a chance post a review. I may get it, I gotta stop buying books…

I’ll likely be getting Keys of Ocat by the end of the month. That’ll be my first purchase of a Nephilim Press book.

Thanks a lot for posting this evocation experience, Luxompax. How good is that!! Next day and your desire was pushed through. He worked incredibly fast and with Godlike accuracy in my experience with him several months ago.

I’m curious if you experienced any feelings arise in you in his presence? Joy, lightness and a sense of mischief and fun. I know I get a big ass grin on my face when the Jupiter currents come in to my room.

One other thing, is that the vision I had of him one of the times I attempted contact, I noted that he was bald, thin, red/brown skinned humanoid with a royal procession that accompanied him. Flanked side by side by joyous celebrants with what I assume was Bethor in robes and a crown walking down the steps of a palace. Just thought I’d share that as it seems that both of us have experienced him as bald.

Again, thanks for this account.

EDIT: To elaborate on my description, I also experienced him with a stern countenance in that vision, and being in his 60’s, like an elder of sorts. If I were to compare him to a human, I would say a cross between a Gandhi and Ben Kingsley head shape and physique with a more reddish/brown skin tone. I wouldn’t go as far to say pompous but he had a definite air of authority and regality.

Fuck…i’m going to evoke Ben Kingsley!!!