My evil Left hand!

Interesting thing happened that I would like some opinions on. I will be working with Amaymon soon so I decided to try and open his sigil while imagining him guiding me towards ascent and basically him being my teacher and hanging around me. I held his sigil in my left hand, and after about 20 minutes (yeah it takes me a while to do anything), when lines began disappearing my left hand involuntarily jerked and spasmed several times without me controlling it. I wasnt resting on a nerve or anything, has this happened to others?

Something similar happens to me quite often. My hand doesn’t jerk but it begins to vibrate and shake. This only happens when I’m opening sigils.

When I do chakra meditations it’s pretty common for me to twitch and spasm even when I’m working my hardest to sit perfectly still.

This happens very often during my meditation practice. Sometimes more often than others. In meditation it is called Kriya. The involuntary movements of the physical body. I believe it’s a clearing out of debris. In Buddhist practices, these spasms are considered “neutral”, in the sense that they neither create nor destroy Kamma (if that’s your gig).

It’s also a sort of re-alignment.


My hand will shake a bit and vibrate…like Reaper said.

But well…i must force to ignore it so i can go deeper and deeper…