My "Emotional" Love Spell Visualization

A simple love visualization technique for remote psychic influence.

  1. Go to Youtube and search for some romantic videos. Type something like “emotional love story”, “true love story” or something similar. If you don’t like watching videos, you can also listen to some romantic songs that will make you emotional.

  2. Watch the video/s and try to feel emotional while you are watching the video. Let those emotions FLOW through you. Do not stop it. It might be embarrassing but no one is looking at you so let it flow. If you can cry, its even better.

  3. Take a picture of the person you are trying to influence. If you have a physical picture, keep it infront of you. If you just have an online picture from social media or something, open it in a different tab.

  4. After you watch a few such videos, you should get really emotional and your heart should be in a completely different state and become heavy. You will know it when you experience it. Some of you might even cry at this point. Basically you have to watch the videos for as long as it takes you to become emotional. But once you get sufficiently emotional, you have to begin the ritual/visualization immediately. Because this is a temporary state and it will not last for long. So we can’t waste our time.

  5. When you reach that state, you might feel emotions of love, sorrow, longing, desire, passions etc for that person. In this state, open that picture of him/her. and gaze at them.

  6. Try to enter the picture. Basically gaze at the picture and feel/imagine that you are the person in that particular picture. Feel your body once you enter her/his body and become her. Try to feel how it feels to be that person. Don’t try too hard though because you might get out of state if you do that. You will soon be inside the picture and feel as if you are looking at the camera as the picture is being taken. It will become that real.

  7. Once it has been established in your mind that you are inside the picture and that you ARE that person… PUSH all that feeling of love and longing from that person towards you. Basically they are feeling these intense love-based emotions for you. You have to completely believe it because at this point you are not YOU. You are THEM.

  8. As you can feel that you are that person, try to imagine both of you together and doing things that couples do. Keep visualizing and believe that its real. Play that emotional video or song once again if you need some further boost. Completely GIVE IN to those emotions.

  9. At this point you can also visualize spirits who are good with love like King Beleth or Satanchia helping you. You can feel their power supercharging the visualizations and empowering your love 10 fold.

  10. There will come a point where you can no longer continue because you can no longer feel emotional. That is where you have to stop and thank the spirits if you have used their help. Also, you have to know that he/she is madly in love with you at this point. Because it was THEY who were feeling all this emotions towards you.

This is very effective specially when I charged it with energy from King Beleth, King Paimon and King Belial. You can also easily modify this ritual for a curse. For ex: make yourself angry by watching some videos, look at the enemy’s picture and enter him and feel him getting diseases and dying over and over. Of course, you should clean your aura if you use it for a curse.


OK, have you personally achieved this state and what was your outcome?

Have you received evidence that you have influenced the other party through this?

It’s good that you are writing this from the first person perspective, so I am interested to see how this works out for you.


This was VERY effective. I did this on someone on Supermoon this year. I got all emotional and cried. And that person has been obsessed with me all of a sudden. I have not seen this person in months and we live in different cities. Wants to visit my city and all. Was avoiding her and she started calling me all the time. The only problem is that I have no interest in her.

I also tried a modified version of this on my boss and he won’t let leave his company when I found a better job. It was very weird. He got very emotional over something insignificant.

The only time this did not work was when I was obsessed for the results even after the visualization. But I guessed that’s to be expected.


This is interesting - but I prefer to take this off public discussion when I have time.

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I used this in subcousciuous hypnosis. And it did work more or less depending on the will of each person


@Verdo could this be something for your repertoire? :thinking:


Nice!!! I’ll do this tomorrow. Thanks a ton for sharing this.

@Verdo this maybe can have a twist for a money spell too. I’d do this on a Thursday with green or mauve colour candles. Videos id watch will be where the person is enjoying his life with a lot of money. Then I’ll see myself and picture all the materials I want in life. All the luxury I want.
You see where I’m going with this?


it could work. i hadn’t really thought of using it in that way :thinking:


Well I feel a connection with this spell. It’s so simple and uses all the basics of magic. It just simply is a genius one. I somehow have this strong feeling inside me that this will work.
@Verdo Just some moments ago we were talking how things haven’t shaped up for us. Maybe, this is that break through. One more thing, the spirit you should call in this is Bune. What spirit do you recommend for me?


For you, i lean towards ladilok. kanika does already seem to love you…so thats not the biggest issue. The issue now is her decision making…and ladilok is a dominator of women and their thought processes, so that would be my choice. Ladilok can make her go against her parents, against her better judgement, which is what you need


Yes that’s exactly what’s been holding her back. I just realized it. I’ve been doing the win by rituals all this while. It’s not love that I need to ignite in her. Outs already there. Really deep and profound. However, due to all the pressure she was choosing to suppress it. So it’s her decision making I need to work on. Yes that’s perfect. That answers a lot. Brilliant. You’re awesome mate.

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For money, i would do this:

Find videos of some ultra luxurious place, holidays, hotel… and try to visualize that you are in the place as you are watching the video.

Find a public figure who is very rich like Elon Musk or even someone fictional like Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne. And try to enter them and experience what it feels like to be a billionaire and have that power.

Many 5/7star hotels nowadays have a 3d virtual tour thing using which you can view the hotels from you PC. You can easily visualize sleeping on the bed etc of these hotels and having a great quality time with your loved ones.


I totally forgot about that meme! Thanks for reminding me!

I used an emotional playlist and her picture. I also called King Paimon and Lucifer for this. Normally, King Paimon doesn’t deal with love matters but since he empowered this ritual, I thought it was a good idea. I also visualised a circle to make me more powerful.

I became all emotional (like…really much) and it was time to become her. I couldn’t become the picture in the photo but it was strange…I became her soul. It was so wierd but I could feel her thoughts and the way she was feeling and acting.It was deep. I then passed all of my emotions of love to her. She was feeling love, lust and she wanted to see me.

I then visualised all the things we could do together as a couble, everything was sweet and we were both really happy. Then I thanked the spirits, broke the circle and ended the ritual.

I believe she now loves me because it was her soul that felt all of these things. However, I believe I still had emotion to give. I hope I have results sooner than later. But it was really amazing how I was her soul and felt her.


Yes, this is it. You get it.

When you are really INSIDE her, you BECOME her. There is no doubt in your mind that you are her, you KNOW it.

You can FEEL the energy. Just like spirits, every human has a unique energy signature. Once you have been inside one person enough times, you don’t even need to get emotional. You can just calm your mind and TUNE IN to her energy signature. Just try to remember when you were inside her soul the last time and how that felt. You will immediately get inside her again. Once you are inside her, you can know her completely, there is NOTHING that will be hidden from you. Sometimes when you are not completely “in tune”, you can literally feel that with one breath you are yourself and with the next breath you are someone else. If these happens, just concentrate till you completely become her.

But it might me slightly difficult at first because when you are trying to get inside a new person, you need some time to correctly find the correct frequency that will allow you to enter her soul. But after you have done it a few times to a particular person, you will easily be able to do it again in the future.

It much much easier to do it on someone who you know in person(even if you barely know her). But if have never met someone and are trying to enter her, it will be slightly difficult for you. Because in your mind she is a stranger and deep inside you know that you don’t know her. In such cases, just create some fake memories between you and the person in the pictures. It will be much easier for you then.


I see, what you say is really enlighting to be honest. Also, I wanted to ask, in average, how much time does it take for results to manifest?


That totally depends on the quality of your trance and visualizations. I have had results in less than hours. Obviously they are not going to jump on your dick right away if you are getting started with it but you can definitely FEEL that something is DIFFERENT. That something has changed. That you two have had so much experiences in between.

If you are just beginning and you are trying it on someone totally new? Around a week to a month depending on your strength. You don’t have to do it every day for hours. Just 10 minutes daily with full concentration is more than enough. You will know whether or not you will succeed during your visualization itself. Based on your previous post, since you could actually FEEL her, I will say that you are going to succeed. When it is going to work, you will just know it during the visualization itself. Trust me. You will know exactly whether you are going to succeed or fail. Because if it’s that real, you CANNOT fail.

Concentrate on the visualization. When you are deep into the theta gamma sync and when she is with you… you must be able to actually feel her. Because she is RIGHT there with you. And its 100% real because you can feel her body, touch her and smell her too. And she looks so fucking hot that it almost makes me nervous and makes my dick hard. When I kiss her, I can actually feel the wetness of her tongue and her taste. When I move my hands around her body, I can feel her getting excited and it makes me excited too. And when I undress her and … And right when this is 100% real to you… Its time to SWITCH.

Now BECOME HER. Now its time to do the visualization from her perspective. As she kisses YOU, it feels so good to her. As you move your hand all over her body, she feels so sexy, protected and excited at the same time. She is so lucky and happy that she is with you. She only wants you in this life and no one else. BELIEVE THAT. She just can’t wait to feel you inside her. She is undressing you and kissing you all over your neck and chest and exploring your parts…Continue as per your own from here :wink:

If you are doing everything correctly, you should be rock hard or soaking wet(depending on your gender). You continue doing this till you can no longer get MORE excited. The part where getting more excited has a diminishing return. Its here when you have to KNOW that both of you feel this way about each other and RELEASE the intention into the ether with the blessings of some demon if required.


I see, that’s really interesting. Then, I’ll try that for the next few days and see how it goes. That’s really interesting.

Also, she’s not completely new, but we haven’t seen each other in years. I hope it goes well.


I want to try this. Tonight. Is it okay even if it’s on a waning moon? Also, I have never spoken or tried to evoke a daimon or spirit of the ones you’re talking about. How do I start and get them to help me? Can you guide me through this please?

Also, is this messing with a persons free will or is it manipulation that causes them to think about you therefor it’s their choice to act upon those feelings or thoughts- making it true?

Because I feel as though this man is very interested in me, he likes me very much and we have good connection but whatever he is going through at the moment, maybe his ex has put a spell on him or whatever, he is repressing whatever feelings he has for me and is ignoring what he truly thinks of me and wants to do. Three days ago he was crazy for me and all of a sudden his ex got a hold on him, convincing him to let me go- from what it seems like. They were together for a LONG time but from the things he and his friends have told me about her, it’s reasonable why he left her. It’s just the attachment that’s keeping him from moving on completely. Because he admitted I make him happy but since she got involved with him again after the breakup he felt torn between her and I. But that she annoys him. He recently stopped talking to me, he chose me that day and confronted her by telling her he is with me. She slept together and had a wonderful night. But after I left he just… hasn’t spoken to me. And a little birdie told me he got dropped off to see his ex. He has now associated me with stress and forgot all the positive things we went through and all the things he loves about me. I just want to remove all the negative things that’s blocking him and I from this. And it’s a very bad heartbreak that I’m dealing with. I can literally sometimes feel the pain in my chest.

I just want him to be strong enough to push through that. Do you still recommend this?