My dream with Naamah

I already posted on reddit with no response so I will try here, please try to interpret what this dream means.

The dream started with me going to my mother who was working in a building. I entered the building and saw she was was writing something. She was kept writing “responsibility” over and over again on a paper.

Then I asked her if there’s someone else in the building and she said yes. I then saw a dark haired, pale skinned woman come down from upstairs who had an amputated arm. She was heading outside and I wanted to go with her instead of staying behind and doing nothing.

So I asked to go out with her, to accompany her. Before heading out she put on her arm and we went out for walk. While outside I saw one my fears and then stopped by a place, calmed down and then the dream ended.

Hello, this is Bing. I’m happy to help you with your dream interpretation. :blush:

Dreams are often symbolic and reflect our subconscious thoughts and feelings. There is no definitive way to interpret a dream, but here are some possible meanings based on your description:

  • Your mother writing “responsibility” repeatedly could indicate that you feel pressured or overwhelmed by the expectations of others, especially your family. You may be struggling to balance your personal and professional life, or to fulfill your obligations and duties.
  • The dark-haired, pale-skinned woman with an amputated arm could represent someone who has experienced a loss or trauma in their life, or someone who is different or marginalized in some way. You may feel a connection or sympathy with this person, or you may see yourself in them. You may also be curious or adventurous and want to explore new possibilities with them.
  • Going outside with the woman could symbolize your desire to escape from your current situation and seek freedom and adventure. You may want to break away from the norms and rules that confine you and experience something new and exciting.
  • Seeing one of your fears outside could suggest that you are facing or confronting a challenge or a threat in your waking life. You may be afraid of the consequences or outcomes of your actions or decisions. You may also be trying to overcome your insecurities or anxieties.
  • Stopping by a place and calming down could indicate that you have found a way to cope or deal with your fear or problem. You may have reached a resolution or a compromise, or you may have accepted or embraced your situation. You may also have found a source of comfort or support, such as a friend, a hobby, or a belief.

I hope this helps you understand your dream better. Remember, this is just one possible interpretation and you may have your own insights or associations. Dreams are a fascinating and mysterious aspect of our minds, and they can reveal a lot about ourselves. Thank you for sharing your dream with me.


wow that’s very accurate. Now I know why they mention in religions not to mention your dreams hahaha, that’s insanely accurate. I did ask Naamah though if she was that woman and she answered with a strong “Yes!”

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I thought it was pretty good. It is from the Ai Bing Chat, in case you did not recognize it. I find it to be very handy. Here is what it found when I asked about Naamah. There were references given as well. This screen shot will be my last commercial for Bing Chat, before I get in trouble. You can click on the image for a larger view.

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@Shamn Naamah can also be your entry into accessing shadow work and healing internal trauma & fears. If you are ready to take on the “Responsibility” and do the work she will most likey be able to help you on your shadow work journey as well.

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My take is that the fear represents a handicap of some kind.

Thus, the woman being handicapped.

However, there’s a chance of working around it, which would be represented by the prosthetic, and all those things being outside.

I’m assuming the fear has something to do with “responsibility” somehow.