My Dream Last night (strange and very Real)

I had an interesting dream.I’ve looked into dream theory and I found nothing.Maybe you could help me in what this could mean.It was a strange dream.I never thought that sometimes I will interpret my dream here…

The Dream​:arrow_down::arrow_down::arrow_down::lion::lion::lion:

I was at our cottage.It was summer and there was a family members meeting.There were about 3 family members that I dont like at all and I didn’t feel positive about this three people.So I was just rather next to the cottage and kicking a ball with a friend.But suddenly I saw two lionesses in the long grass so I said oh shit … and I slowly walked away with a friend but suddenly a lion male leaped at me but did not attacked me at all just jumped at me and suddenly began to talk to me.He held me and advised me what to do now.He just told me what to do so he was holding me and navigating me to the cottage and then, we stopped near our cottage.My dad came and then everybody else was watching what was happening.My dad went to the lion who held me, and wanted to grab him to let me be.But lion asked for something.I dont know exactly what it was I dont remember.But someone bring some seed or something I really dont know what was that but some of those people gave me something in my hand.I give that to lion who held me he immediately left me and as soon as he swallowed it he suddenly fell to the ground.He turned into woman with long black hair.It seemed she have a gray skin.She began to be in trance and began to say some words.I really don’t remember those words, but it was about five words i dont know maybe some prophecy? I didn’t understand what she said and when the woman ended up she just lying in a ground and smiling at me.I asked her what it meant what she said.I wanted to know but she just lay there and smiling at me.Then she get up and the dream war over.
It was a very vivid dream.
Yesterday afternoon I listened some frequencies to cleanse and straighten the third and fourth chakras and then some Reiki to cleanse the negativity.

I apologize for my bad English but this dream surprised me.if somebody know what this dream can mean I will be very glad guys.

So many meanings in this dream but my own impression from reading is that someone is preventing your dad from been able to protect you, this is what it appears like.

Its very common that social services aka cps have criminal networks and rogue agents who will and can as state workers abuse the law, attack parents, legally, gag them from letting the kids know, its basically state kidnapping and almost always linked to a crooked attorney and judge who back it and the reasons can be political, family inheritance, money for holding kids is like 5k a month, lab tests or even as simple as racist neighbors, you can only be sure that a page of info about your dad would be hidden in a secret court, no jury.

Ask your dad if anyone has ever threat to intervene in your relationship.

But dreams can be even simpler like lack of love, i had a dream that Ozzy Osbourne greeted me with a kiss on both cheeks, it was very respectful but who knows what it means.

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