My development

I decided to keep my diaries digitally, maybe my works will be a guide for new magicians in the future.

Actually, I am not a new magician. I have worked with a few beings before. Currently, I am limited to most of my rights and equipment because I have completed my compulsory military service. Lastly, I wanted to summon the wizard, but I was not successful. My mind tells me to develop my senses and do deep trance work.

Resources I will use on this path:
The Book of Astarte and Astaroth vk jehannum
Works of Infernal Ascent vk jehannum

I will update it again with the resources I will use later.

Astaroth twin kundalini strengthening

I said the words mentioned 8 times, I am not sure that I entered the state of partial possession, I repeated the ritual 2 times, then I called Astaroth, at one point I felt Astaroth saying his name from my mouth while vibrating his name. Some numbness and headache, I will continue the rest at midnight.

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