My Descent into Necromancy & The LHP (Journal 1)

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This Journal will cover my journey and experience into the LHP and Necromancy. I plan to cover everything from my daily practice down to rituals and experience on a personal level. This main post will be edited weekly with updates and notes



Day 1

So today is the start of my decent into necromancy and the lhp. I started my day with honoring a promise I had with Madrina. I asked for a home and I got it and as normal I bought her something this time being a big new statue.

After cleaning her off with some florida water and siete machos. I smoked her with some copal then set her on the altar. I then put her oil on her head and scythe and the fixed part of the statue. Then I took some smoke out the Necter collector and blew it on her as a offering.

Me and her then sat in the dark I was feeling her out again it’s been months almost a year since we last talked. The energy was calm and comfortable almost like a hug from grandma. I decided after a few minutes that it was time to meditate. I sat to the west and started the skull meditation. The meditation started calm no real feeling. After I saw the skull coming down I felt intense pressure on the top of my skull and feeling of something pressing on the hair on top of my head.

I sat in this feeling for what felt like forever. I then started to say the chant that goes with the meditation and started to get lost and drift deeper into darkness. I felt like I was drunk almost. I felt the essence fill into me and around me. I started to get a warm pressure on my third eye. I held this as long as I could. I eventually open my eyes and found my self in a almost trance like state. I started with my prayer to azreal. When I did it I started to get a weird feeling in the right hand like someone or something was holding it. My voice deepen through out the prayer. By the time I got to Madrina I was drunk in a trance.

I called to her in prayer and sat in her presence. I then took a few seconds then started the prayer to az jahi that prayer put me in a deeper state of trance I started to hear the mantra from the skull meditation almost droning in my head " I have become Death , Death becomes me. " Over and over till I slowly came out of it and blew Madrina a kiss.

Tomorrow I will make a black candle for the prayer for now the prayers were at my altar in the west. I have a bloodstone pyramid for Az Jahi that will be in tommorow.

I sit here typing this still drunk off this experience I slowly faze in and out of consciousness. I might meditate again before bed I need more.

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