My deepest thanks to Sitri

Okay, who is Sitri? It is the twelfth spirit of the Ars Goetia. Get acquinted:

Demon-A-Day: Sitri SITRI -- Prince Color: Blue Incense: Cedar Metal: Tin Planet: Jupiter Element: Earth (Under Ziminiar) Demonic Enn: Lirach alora vefa Sitri Date (Connolly): July 12-21 (Day Time)...

Story so far, a friend was having rotten luck finding love, so we called upon His aid and this made some friends express their feelings for my pal. The result was purely sexual but with aims towards the romantic, but what is important is that they materialized in matter of one or two days.

This is my thanks. I suggest you guys pour Him some alcohol on earthen ground as you pronounce his demonic enn, but do it nicely, dig up a little hole and pour it ceremoniously. Anise liquor works wonders.


A link with useful information:



That site’s linked here many times, so no need to break the link with (DOT). :+1:


Sorry Lady Eva, it’s just that when I tried it would show up a picture of Sitri, but no link at all! D:

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