My deep connection to her

I myself have had Astaroth as some kind of strange familiar my entire life. I have made a topic about it earlier, but it wasnt until recent that I have become dedicated to Invoking the most potent energy of hers. If anything, my end goal is to become 100% spiritually connected to her, I want to know her reasoning and I want to see her. He/She has come to me in many forms, a character I drew often (an attractive demoness with multiple arms, 4 horns, feathery bat wings who rides a beast and lives in the woods in a cave), a monstrous hulking figure that resembles me myself who is constantly covered in copper chains with grotesque and nightmarish features, and others. It was until recent that I found this being’s identity.

I have theorized many things over her figure, and I know that the Hindu Goddess Durga (perhaps even Kali) could be forms of her. They are both of Venus/Aphrodite and they both ride atop some feral animal, in some iconographical artworks Durga or Kali is even seen holding a serpent much like the goetic figure of Astaroth is seen doing in his visual depiction.

Another thing I have theorized about is Sagathana and Nesbiros, who appear with their own sigils in the Grimoirium Verum and others. I do believe that Sagathana is one of the true demonic names of the monstrous creature she herself rides upon, a key component to her powerful energy. Nesbiros in my vision could possibly be the manifestation of the serpent/viper that Astaroth holds in one of their hands. This is all logical speculation, and I am 75% sure that I’m right but I will only look to her for answers.

Please, in the replies, tell me some hidden information that scratches deep below the surface about this entity. Especially information that could aid me in a future relationship with her.

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She is my matron and I’ve been in a relationship with her essentially my entire life. She came to me at an extremely young age. First, you have to realize she and many of the other Demons are polyamorous. But it goes both ways…she is more than willing to share partners lol.

With that said I think its best not to obsess over them and fall into worship mentality, and in my experience she is not a fan of that mentality. She does love to be praised, though.

Astaroth, Ishtar, and Innana are the same entity. She may be others in different cultures too (like Isis).

If you have any questions feel free to ask. HAIL ISHTAR!

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P.S. I hope you dont find the polyamory dismaying, I had qualms with it for a long time. These are different beings than us and they see things far differently than we do. Regardless of that, it is pretty flattering if such an entity takes an interest in you. They just dont love exactly the way they are accustomed to, but that shouldnt dampen the relationship.

I’m aware of this, i had a few minor qualms at first but I don’t even see it as polyamory. Its too complex for us to just simply label it as polyamory, when its so much more than that. This is coming from me, and I am an extreme monogamist, cheating or anything of the sort is the biggest form of betrayal in my world. I don’t believe that the way demons are can be labelled simply as polyamory.
Hail Astaroth.

I think you have a misconception of polyamory. It just means you love multiple people in a romantic way. Its different than the likes of so-called “players” who lie and cheat and dont care who they hurt. As a matter of fact I’ve know polyamorists and they say to make it work you have to be completely open and honest about everything.

I’d say its less about them being “more than” polyamorists and more about the fact cultural indoctrination and humanity frown on polyamory or polygamy (not to mention polygamy on earth is kind of fucked up in a lot of places).