My curse i did :::UPDATED

Can you call a spirit or entity of any strength by name and just feel their precense ask them to curse an individual by certain " means to an end" to correct someones behaviour i read about it in the spider and the green butterfly about a guy named " john"

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So evoke them, then give them a target and a set of restrictions?

That’s like half of all things baneful right there. Heck, that’s half of all magick in general.


True :grin:

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Is there a method to make the curse stronger then it was when i do the initial request. Or do i just evoke the entity and ask them to reinforce it. I personally dont have doubts in my magick once should be enough, but it would be good to know if you could make a curse stronger. I did the curse last night because im tired of the way people treat me it was well deserved, there were instructions that this person be cursed and i set guidelines for the curse to be reversed it just makes more sense to do it this way to correct peoples behaviour

Not always the correct way. But in some cases it is. Create a shroud of hatred and disgust around them. Normies will pick up on this immense negative energy and will begin to hate this person as well.

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That is basically what i did.

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I love quick, no expense Magick, stuff you can learn to do on the fly, so to speak. Here’s some shit.

Work up visceral hatred for the victim, perhaps adopt the body posture of Elhaz and call up negative energies, then (if you can) sit in their chair and shit out those hateful emotions/energies. They’ll be sitting in it for some time as it’s been left on their chair. A great sign is if you feel physically weak after the anger and shitting session, like you’ve relieved yourself – which you have Magickally on your victim’s seat.

If you adopt this procedure please be so good as to kindly inform of the fun results.



UPDATE:::: So this person whom was rude to me just called me and told me of a “figure” she saw and it started last night about the same time i casted it. So its working and im gonna create a “need” for myself with this person. The obligations implemented toexpel the full curse have not been met, but it is validation for my own “godhood” within myself.

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Prynce what exactly did you do in this particular work to get immediate results? I’m trying to get an ex’s attentions again and would like to rid her of certain negative influence of certain friends that stand in the way. How can I use this directional to push back at those persons.

I will get back to you after i take notes and remember exactly what i did

Thank you

Hail Prynce!

Congratulations! Years ago something similar happened with me and a love spell: Instant working. That was the first time. Just keep at it and keep a Magickal Journal/Diary.

Also, although physically and emotionally draining yourself in a working is great it’s not always practical. This is where repeated workings – over and over again – definitely bring results (and this is something that Chaos Magic doesn’t stress). And don’t forget the benefits of chanting with your own handmade string of beads. Both techniques alter the morphic field.


So as of january 20th i got everything i asked for this person is now with me and i am going to remove the curse as well as help her genuinely but i will need to do some extensive workings to get done with i need to get done


Can you tell me exactly what to do. I’ve working extensive but not yet seeing any thing but suttle.