My cringey old rap

Like I said I’d do, I’ll post a rap I made like a couple years ago? (At least a year ago.)
Yeah, it is cringey, but it was a while ago, after all. :thinking::sweat_smile::joy:

It’s no mystery that I’m as fresh as cool mint listerine.
All don’t wish to know me.
I’m the best, though, clearly.
I’m definitely not as sweet as a cookie.
I look crappy, and I’m creepy and cranky, but I’m ultimately deadly.
Some may call me a dummy, but at least I’m not a copy.
I’m a monster.
I’m a trickster.
I do things like a maladminister.
You may see me on a wanted poster.
I’m fit to be the demons’ mayor.
I’m a slayer.
I’m far from being a sheep like the tax payers.
Nothing can stop me, not even your pathetic prayers.
I can make you angrier than hardcore online multiplayer.
You are nothing but a waiter and I’m a dictator.
Go ahead and step up on that elevator.
You aren’t on my level.
I’m crazier than a daredevil.
You better understand that I’m extra special.
I’m unique as if I’m astral.
You dare to battle?
I’ll just sit here and cackle.

Update: “You dare to battle?” Please, don’t battle me… :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Also, I made this before I got my beliefs straighten out, but I think I low key knew what path to take. I can tell just by reading this. :thinking: