My Consultation with E.A

So, I decided to do a consultation with E.A. last week and from what we discussed. He told me that one of the problems that I’m having when it comes to Evocation is that in my consciousness. I’m still relying on my senses to much and need to drop my mind. He also suggested rather evoke entities in form but call upon after opening the sigils and making the call to gaze into darkness. As I’ve done this, I have found it to be a lot more easier as I call out to them and can defienietly sense the presence better and when I drop my mind. I find myself communicating better. Hell, I just recently performed a ritual and as I was dropping my mind and letting the spirit speak through me. I felt some pressure on the right side of my head. Like something was trying to break through. Even as I’m typing this right now, I can still feel some pressure but now in all sides of my head. I could also see some silhouettes forming in the darkness as well as my sight seems to develop more and better when gazing in darkness. He also suggested blindfolding myself and evoking in that way as well. I haven’t tried that yet but plan to hear in the next couple of days.


That’s wonderful! I’ve had two consultations with him now and he really is a great teacher. Seems to be able to zoom right in to what needs to be worked on.


Indeed; possibly the best thing he suggested to me was to try and hear the spirit and channel through sigil magic rather then trying to fully evoke the spirit for the time being. Which I think is probably my best option as I’ve always had it that in the most unpredictable times can hear a voice calling my name when I’m around other people and they didn’t say anything. That makes me think that I’m hearing the voices of spirits.


I’m not sure how much he would want you to put his advice on here for free :joy: but yeah, thanks for the tips


Noted, though it was never intentional to be tips but to just explain how it’s helped me with my practices. As everyone’s practices in magic are different and find their ways into the currents or communications differently.

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blind folded huh…i might try it

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