My communion with Lilith (journal)

Today, I consecrated myself to Lilith as my mother and part of my shrine, officially.I have been a vampire since I remember, but never worked with her, which seemed antinatural.
I haven’t read much about her, but I had a calling and I must follow it.
I exchanged blood with her, and she accepted me as one of her daughters officially.
I asked her to show me the secrets, the Truth.
After that, I saw myself in the astral plane, in something that looked like a cavern/massive tree with chambered roots, a pattern of laberynthic paths, and dark chambers.
The one I was in, had a great chalice in the middle, holding within something that looked like blood, energy, lust, …a massive concentration of pure life amd death themselves.
Lilith asked me to drink from it.
After that, I saw myself burning, turning into ashes, and then being reborn, with horns, wings, a snake tongue, and a tail. I felt my third eye expanding, and turning crimson red. My whole feeling and sense about the astral plane became completely different. More complete…more tangible, as almost if I was there physically.
Then, I knew that was my home, from now on.
I opened my eyes and saw myself surrounded by succubi and inccubi, who started to perform an official “baptism” full of lust and blood. It was an exchange of energies. I was part of them.
Then, when we finished, Lilith invited me with a hand gesture to explore a bit more the cavern.
I decided to go down.
I climbed my way down through some stairs that felt eternal, to finally find out a place full of corpses, a spider web. A massive spider web that were multiple chambers themselves, with cocoons and corpses attached to it.
I saw a Mother Spider there, who then, invited me to go deeper, just before turning into Lilith back again.
After that, I just woke up from my trance.
I feel different…I since then, I knew that my real life was about to begin…Finally, I was alive.

Has anyone got an idea about that place? Have any of you visited it? How about the Spider?
What are your thoughts on this? Some similar experiences working with her?
PD: excuse my english, it is not my first language.


I couldnt help it…I felt worried while reading this, i hope it is the best for you, after all you know yourself better than anyone else :slight_smile:

In what thing do you feel different precisely?

@QuiLibrata Could you tell me your thoughts? Please, elaborate.

I feel…as if I was not human. It sounds stupid. I keep being a human, but my energy pattern seem to be changing. I feel more lusty, I feel powerful, more than ever. I feel like I could do whatever I want.
I feel that I can eat up whoever I want, without the need of any evocation.
I feel as if I was one of her servitors. I feel the need to hunt for souls, even if that sounds rough.
I feel like a predator. I feel myself walking a new path with her holding my hand.


It was more as if she was showing me a place to “eat” and dispose the rest of my victims.


I invoked the archangels yesterday so maybe is them making me feel that way (?).

I dont know, warping yourself like that doesnt seem very healthy spiritually speaking, is this a permanent thing?.. I dont want to judge you anyway, it is your life, just make sure to not get any STD hahaha

Why is that a warp?
I don’t understand. Could you please elaborate and be more direct and sincere?
Do you feel that what happened was wrong, or do you feel that consecrating myself to Lilith (and all her sides) is worrying?
I am not trying to argue. I just want to know your opinions. That’s why I posted this.


Ok, i am going to be sincere, enlighten me if i might be biased in my opinion.

I felt worried, because if you identify and attach strongly with lilith or any entity which represent some qualities (in your case is lust and feeling sexy i guess) , you might (and this is an assumption) lose some capacity to adapt your energy to your needs in a later stage of your life…I mean, you never know if you might need something opossite to what lilith means in the future, and bonding so strongly with her, to the point that you are changing your very core essence, might put you in a prision made by yourself, which can halt your spiritual development…

Man i dont even know from where i am getting what i said above :joy:

I feel better than before, more adaptable and strong.
Thank you for your concern, though. If I felt that way I wouldn’t be happy. Fortunately enough, that is not the case, but I get what you mean.


If you have a good feeling about everything that happened, nothing is wrong :slightly_smiling_face:


Quite an amazing read, I feel like if you are feeling that this is the right path for yourself then, I believe you should take it.

Me personally I have not had anything close to what you have described which is ok, everyone experiences different things. I have worked with and known to some extent, Lilith for the past month. And my journey with her has been great. Even though I am new, she is about as friendly and honest as anyone could be. She has helped me and my succubus connect and we have even heightened our relationship as well.

Best of luck on your journey and new life.

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Thank you so much. I wish you happiness and harmony with her as well.


I think you had an awesome experience, don’t really know what that other guy was talking about lmao

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This may be a tad late but recently what I presume to be Lilith around my life flew me to some forest near a river. She proceeded to dunk me several times in this healing water. Almost felt like a sort of baptism. Then she put some silky cloths on me and a pair of fuzzy slippers and put me to rest in some lavish bed. This all happened while I was extremely calm and awake but felt like I astral traveled somehow. This isn’t the first time iv’e astral traveled while awake.

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