My child seeing things during my meditation

So a couple of days ago I told my daughter I was going to my chamber to meditate.She gets curious 99 percent of the time and ends up walking in on me.Well this time was no different.I was meditating on a spirit (mehpistahl if I remember correctly) to open my inner vision.I hear the door creak open because my daughter likes to try and be sneaky,so I just continue my meditation as if nothing’s happening.All the sudden she blurts out “Daddy there’s green lines flying around your circle on the floor!” I stopped immediately and snapped out of my state of consciousness and asked her if they were still there.She said yes and that she can see them whether I’m doing ritual or not.I was meditating in my UC which anybody who has one knows it contains a lot of energy.I’m posting this to ask if anyone else has had this experience with a child or could tell me what this is.I know that children are sensitive to energy and the spirit world but this was different being that she’s seen me,and participated in ritual quite a few times,and never said anything like this.My daughter is 10 years old and doesn’t make this kind of thing up.

I’ve opened Mepsitahl’s sigil and used the black mirror to scry and I definitely saw green/blue energy during the lead up to seeing a female face. Perhaps your daughter is seeing Mepsitahl’s energy? Just a thought.

That’s what I was thinking I asked her to look into the mirror but she saw nothing.

Keep your daughter attuned to the astral. The more she lives in the physical world the more she’s going to learn about it, form an ego and create a barrier between the two in her perception. Teach her how to meditate and empower her aura and sense the astral. Also, teach her how to banish without ritual (astral nasties attack people sensitive to this kind of stuff very often, especially if they are inexperienced).
She will become a very powerful magician if she doesn’t lose her connection to the astral.

I’ve been trying to get her into meditation for awhile,but she’s got her other side of the family telling her everything I do is satanic.Which is extremely stupid on their part being my ex’s mom thought the archangels were the one’s cast out of heaven,and couldn’t even tell my daughter who Michael or Gabriel was lol.But when she saw the energy in the room the other day I think something clicked,because instead of freaking out and calling me satanic she actually sat down and tried to meditate with me.

What you have to do in situations like these is tell her that people have been mislead. They believe the satanic practices are evil because that’s how they were manipulated by the “big guys”. :stuck_out_tongue: In other words, indoctrinate her to recognize indoctrination and make her own choices.

I wouldn’t push the issue with her, let her see how it effects you and let her make her own mind up. If she’s drawn to it great, let kids be kids, they have their whole life to explore the other side.

Yeah I’ve talked to her about it being okay to read the bible,but to not JUST read the bible and don’t take everything literally.I’ve gave her my views on this thing for a while,but never tell her that something is true and that she has to believe it.If she gets good things from a certain religion that’s fine with me,As long as me and her can compare ideas instead of arguing about them that’s all I could really ask for.And of course if she wants to do a meditation with me that’s great,but I want her to use these things to make up her own decisions.It took me 25 years to immerse myself into this,but have read and done everything from performing rituals to prayers and meditations since I was 15,so I feel I can now take what knowledge I have along with EA’s systems not to mention all the other great ones out there,and find out what works for me,and what brings me the results of course.