My body is moving when I'm doing invocation

Hi guys, I can sense energy pushing a little bit my body to the left and right, should I stay like that to train my body to accept the entity ? What’s your thoughts and that ?

Can you elaborate a little more?

I get a lot of this during invocations and when I’m doing evocation at times.

Some of it is the energy expressing itself, and the rest of the time it can be the entity communicating through movement, for example:

You ask a question, your head moves so your line of sight hits a particular object or something that catches your eye. The answer may be obvious, or you might have to interpret a bit.

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Ok thanks, I would say I feel my left and right arm pushing or generaly the other part of my body pushing me until it goes to the other side
I didn’t ask any questions tho
It’s part of clairsentience ? I start to feel breeze of air in my head or body when (I think) an entity is here, most of the time while doing invocation and little bit while chillin or whatever

I’d say that’s part of it.

There’s also an energetic part.

The energy will move through you whatever way it moves. You might find you feel like doing a subtle dance or start rocking around rythmically.

And if you let it take the reins, you might find your hands and arms doing sort of Qigong/tai chi kind of stuff