My blood turned black when i woke worried something might be happening to me

ive been doing prayers with a black candles ,and no rituals to lucifer,bellezebub,baal,bune,astroth,and all demons and spritits of hell its self then i had this one dream last night where i was standing in a room with one lit candle in a pentegram with me in it then all of this dark energy and shadows just started coming into me through my mouth and i couldnent stop it and i felt like my body and insides where burning in my sleep then when i woke up at 3am my nose was freshly bleeding black with my pupils dilated and now when i go to work everyone is scared of me animals whine when im near them …what happened?im worried asf…

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Black blood means you have low oxygen in your bloodstream.

I’d go see a doctor just in case.


but i feel okay though…but just angry…very very angry…idk why though…

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Even if you feel okay now, you should still see a doctor.

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Could be the beginning of a medical condition.


You should visiting your doctor, no matter what.

It is possible that you feel yourself okay at this moment, but it can be a sign. Sometimes it is not a big deal (it happenes with my grandma, for example), but it can be a bad omen as well.

but i feel okay though…but just angry…very very angry…idk why though…

Emotions can be can be harmful to your health. I am one of those persons who know this clearly, because I caused kidney cancer to myself long years ago. You should find out the root of your anger. It can came from “everywhere”, and do not forget to try keep them under your control. Consciousness always helps in some ways, keep it in mind.


It’s simple: it’s caused by the lack of oxygen or the excess of carbon dioxide in your blood stream.

And besides it’s an effect without any alarming symptom, you should visit a doctor because in 85% of times is a alarming condition.

Go to a doctor.

I know this wasn’t supposed to be funny but …:joy:
Dude, go to the ER.

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I don’t understand why animals would whine when he is near them or that people would be afraid of him.

Honestly, go to a doctor.

If you hit a weird point where your physiological body is being affected by spiritual forces, that’s very cool, but you’re not going to be able to share your knowledge with us if you’re fucking dead.

Nose bleed can also be caused by high blood pressure, in order not to get a head stroke. Dilated pupils is a sign of brain damage as well. And, no, your age is irrelevant. Sooo go to a doctor.