My Binaural or sound therapy list

i had people who get results from those i thought to make and select they advice me to simply hear them with an open mind and listen aslo advicesed to sleep with it

here some i will post more on comments

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Thank you. I love binaural sounds for meditating and trying to sleep.

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When using these, do you recommend doing so while say, asleep or can they be used when you’re on the go or driving home for an hour?

And if you should be in a trance, what sort of trance? Never did any sort of those things (trances) and the only meditation I’ve done was listening to kelly Howell subliminals for lucid dreaming while I’m awake usually. She has one for using headphones and I tend to use that both before going to sleep and at times when I’m driving home.

Assuming it will work for you.

When you first testing them, I would say safety first and do them in the comfort of your home.
Once you get an idea of how your mind reacts to it then you will know whether you are making a wise decision or not. I’ve “cheated” and listened in the car multiple times, the truth however is that it simply isn’t as effective as handing your brain over to a conscious experience and matching the activity along with it.


Oh, never thought of it that way. Dang…barely get time to myself. I’ll manage somehow and squeeze something in.

Thanks for the heads up!


So yeah…its been awhile since my post above and I’ve found that it’s not a good idea to do so. On the way home, usually around rush hour or before when EVERYBODY is going home it seems, theres alot of frustration in getting cut off and whatnot. That sort of thing doesnt vibe well when listening to meditative things.