My astral experience in Valhalla (Includes sex)

I just wanted to share one of my experiences recently with the norse gods in Asgard.

This includes some sexual content so be warned.

It was a very powerful vision. I am still trying to sort out what was valid. I don’t know what is true and what is just my own experience, however this is pretty much verbatim how I wrote down this experience in my journal.

…Then got up naked once again to try to write down in my phone what he had just conveyed, yet he added, “You are very beautiful inside your heart. No one would question your nakedness is my court as daughters of Fenris often spend there entire lives nude. If you are accepting of me seeing you naked, I accept it as well. No one would question coming into Valhalla naked, no one would question going into a dark corner of my palace and having your children, no one would question making love to your made right in front of my throne. No one would dare question a manifested daughter or Fenrir. You have a powerful wolf form that you need to unlock piece by piece.”

I went to my room to better type this revelation where the water did not disrupt my ability to type on my phone, and when I returned to my bathing I practiced astrally shapeshifting into a wolf.

My form became canine like that of a wolf, my fur became white as the snow. Yam Nahar’s eye pendant became a collar around my neck, and Lucifer’s gift of a cloak of invisibility became silvery ice-like frostings on my snowy fur.

I then in a single bound, unaided by my Sleipnir I
jumped from Midgard to the rainbow bridge of Asgard, and still in wolf form, asked Hiemdall if I could pass into the halls of Valhalla. I was permitted.

Walking in this shifted state I entered the mead hall of Valhalla naked and in wolf form. The Valkyries placed a dish on the ground and filled it with mead, and as I lapped up this fluid like a dog drinks water they added milk and honey to the mixture which I also imbibed.

I then saw from beyond my drinking another wolf approach me, this one had black fur, ebony fur that was highlighted with blue. He sniffed my genitals and I asked who he was thinking it was Fenris. However it was Loki in wolf form.

We then mated as wolves right in front of the whole host of Asir and honored dead as Odin had talked about, and we had this union until completion and Loki’s seed entered my womb.

Loki then took me back down to Midgard to my bathroom and body, still lying naked in the bath. He said unto me as a lover, “You are very beautiful in female form, and very handsome in male. I care not which you choose to appear as. My seed within you could produce a child if you so choose, and it will remain within you until you decide. You are already a master of the nine worlds. It is just that you have not chosen to visit them for you simply chose not to like a master simply choosing never to visit a province of her empire because it was ruled by another.”

He then told me, “You must spend days at a time naked and even go into the woods and be naked and shapeshift into my wolf form. even if it was cold. even if you have to cover your nakedness with a fur blanket. It is in this way: naked in Midgard and unshod in the astral your spiritual body transmuted into the daughter of Fenrir’s wolf form, Is how you should and will enter the realms of the giants.”

I then went back to Valhalla in wolf form and laid by the fire and was attended to with mead and this time meat with I ate as a wolf does. I then stared into Odin’s fireplace and tried do divine into the flame. Instead of seeing a vision, however, I summoned a fire elemental which sprang from the fire angerly. The spirit of the fire cried out to Odin, “Why have to summoned me?” and kicked me like a dog.

Odin cried, “enough!” And came and slapped the elemental sending her back into the fire. To which he addressed the hall; and perhaps the nine worlds–saying he only struck her because she had struck an honored guest of his hall and that he held no I’ll will to the fire spirits.

He asked me if I had any ill will I remained silent and simply shook my head as if to suggest, “No,” still in wolf form. That calmed the situation and I went back to my place by the fire and laid down.

A woman came and petted me and I thought she was Thor’s wife or one of Odin’s daughters; but I knew her not. She said to me then to Odin that I should continue to be silent as a wolf as I had done and to speak only when I needed to only shaking my head yes or no as an intelligent wolf would do.

I told Odin that I wanted this and that and I told him and Freya that I wanted to explore my animal side. And when the Valkyries came to cover me in a fur blanket Odin told them to remove it saying, “Let her feel the cold. Let her experience the wind between the trees.”

I saw then a portal open to the realm of the frost giants on the wall of Valhalla by the door.

I leaped through and all around me was a mighty blizzard and I could barely see anything beyond it my own white fur blending seamlessly with my surroundings.

I was in the realm of the giants for a moment trying to see into the blizzard with Yam Nahar’s draconian demonic eye and using the power of my sword except—in my wolf form— not as a sword; but sharp weaponized claw armor on my paws.

Ready for a fight, all at one—the snow and ice was transformed, and i fell into an opening into the Underworld. Hela came out of the cave her face half deformed.

I asked for her permission to pass Into the Underworld and she dined this saying I must “first converse with the giants.” However she said was watching me and I felt Fenris in the deep—ravenous and dark, his fearsome golden and silver eyes burning with the fire of sun and moon burrowing into my being.

I then returned to Valhalla and laid next to the fire once more.

Once again I stared into the fire.

Freya came and guided me in divination coaxing my vision.

I saw my first rune—the rune I had gotten as a necklace from a grocery store vending machine when I was just a child–kenaz; combine with ansuz in the fire.

The fire exploded and created a portal in the fireplace. I jumped through this gateway into to the realm of the fire spirits which was a wintery world with charred trees all around. Freya and Frey followed me.

I saw before me a throne with a woman sitting upon it, the queen of the fire spirits—and I bowed to he and sat, silently.

She told this was a seldom visited realm of the nine worlds, and she proceeded to give me a necklace with a fire gem. I asked her to transform it into another collar, this one made of black leather and charred iron spikes.

The queen said this would help me in my dealings with the frost giants. I then returned with Freya and Frey and laid back down on my dog bed by the fire.

Seeing this, the men at the table joked “when a new warrior comes into Valhalla and asks ‘who’s dog is this?’ we will laugh at him”

And I spoke to them all telepathically, “and they may lose a finger.”

I then went back to my body on earth and I heard someone say “why is she leaving? This is her home?” to which another replied “She has a home in Midgard she must attend, but when she is ready she will live here forever.”

To which was replied. “by then they won’t dare even ask ‘who’s dog is this?’” And other said I bet she will have much more jewelry by then

But Odin corrected them, speaking, “She will hide them in her eyes you always need tools to see at first the secret of the runes is you have mastered them when you no longer need them. Then she will be a vulva to be feared for she will have three eyes where I have one.”


Very interesting experience.

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Thank you.