My Associate Channeled This Seal - What do you feel from it?

An associate of mine channeled this seal and sent it to me, so I’m curious to see if your readings of this seal matches mine. It may seem “fake” but apparently it’s connected to…something (I don’t want to give any suggestions that might inspire your interpretation).

Aside from a slight similarity to the Eye of Odin, what do you feel from this seal? What is it connected to?

I’m gonna be honest here and say I don’t feel much at all from it.


Same here other than energy of creativity and concentration, which you don’t normally get from a sigil you get those energies if the sigil or symbol was planned out before the ’ so called channel '.

Maybe it may be a key to his subconscious mind you never know but it seems very personal and isn’t really filled with anything that links to a external force but thats just my interpretation of it.


I just feel a very slight sense of energy… Nothing too special about it to me…

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actually could be like a skeleton key to certain parts of his own subconsciousness.

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I’m with @C.Kendall on this… It feels like human energy…


Yeah, I thought so too: a key to one’s own subconsciousness, and transformation (like a personal death or something, hence the skull).

Thanks for confirming.

i picking up Aztec vibes from it.

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Like a spirit or something else?

I have similar pick of energy , But personally I feel High vibration living human human.

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Deity Mictlantecuhtli, their god of the dead, perhaps

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My associate said to me that it’s indeed a deity of death, but the name sounded Greek to me but it’s not any known Greek god of death… I won’t say what it is, because he (associate) told me not to share too much (which I have a habit of doing).

It may have been his subconscious, but if all entities are a part of the subconscious, then it’s all the same really.

Hecate, Hades, Persephone, Charon & Thanatos are the only greek deities associated with death & the underworld that come to mind. But to me its seem more Aztec.


I worded my previous reply to you poorly, sorry. The name sounds Greek, but I don’t think it’s an existing Greek god(ess) of death. It’s neither of the names you listed.

It could be Aztec, but may be using an easier name to spell and pronounce, because let’s face it the word “Mictlantecuhtli” is a good way to break your tongue, especially for us who are not native speakers of English.