My appreciation for the king Belial

i want to say a few words here about the Great King Belial.

I had to restart my life 2 years ago,you gave all the support necessary,you sent me to really agitated waters,i am glad because i was able to see that i was capable of survive in any condition of mind/body.

Here i am again,restarting all over with no fear,because fear has only one purpose,to put you distant from your goals.

it is funny to see how the things change in life,it is amazing to see how strong our mind can be,to live at this state of courage and quietness but also vigilant.

i am sitting here and writing this,feeling so may things and i have your sigil in my hand and my mind has your image recorded,yes yes…thats the image that i have in head all the time,it does gives me good sensations.

i know that more challenges are waiting for me and i also have sure that i will be able to meet you someday in the other side of life(not only as human,because i wish to continue the learning when my lifetime here in this world end)

from ale
the stylish guy as you say

to everybody that is reading,have a good day full of pleasures.
Do your things,i don’t support weakness. ( lol,this i will always remember )

well,that’s it.