My Affirmation experiences (so far)

So a few months ago I (briefly) started using Affirmations as a way of gaining more psychic power. I forgot exactly why I stopped, but recently I’ve just started using them again, albeit phrased differently.

I had my first big experience with a psychic power affirmation back when I had just learned about them. I wrote the affirmation “I have powerful psychic abilities” and as I was saying it while sitting on a bed in the hotel I was at, I started to feel the tingling of energy and my upper left arm started twitching like crazy. I had previously had an identical experience when doing yoga, so I believe there is no doubt this was some kind of surge of psychic energy.

Flash forward a few months to now and I’ve gotten back into doing affirmations (one day I had an epiphany of sorts and realized that basically any affirmation one can imagine can actually work.) So I came up with the affirmations “I have godlike psychic powers” “I have godlike magic powers” and just “I have godlike powers”.
So that’s what I’ve been doing a bit every day for the last few days or so. So far I haven’t twitched like before (I theorize that the reason for this might have been a little energy kink in the arm, and when the energy came through, the unblocking made it twitch) but I have felt a lot of buzzing in my left hand pretty much every time I do the affirmations.

I also confirmed with my dark side that affirmations can actually be a method to godhood and they take on average about a month to fully work.

Hope this inspires!


Interesting. I will try it. Can you describe the whole process a little bit?

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It’s actually not too complicated. Basically, all you need to do is write a phrase of intent in the present tense (disregarding the fact that in the present you don’t necessarily have what you are affirming for) Such as “I am _______” or “I have ______”.

Then with the affirmation you wrote, repeat it out loud to yourself over and over again throughout the day. It helps to be comfy and not bothered by noise. The general consensus is that it takes about a month for your result to manifest itself.

Hope this helps!


Oh thanks a lot.

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I combine affirmations with my spell crafting and they definitely work. So just confirming what you said.


This is interesting
Thank you for sharing.
It makes we wanna go back and try affirmations again.
I tried it in a similar way with sentences such as “I am powerful” or “I am successful in all my undertakings” and such. But somehow, it never did anything, nor did I notice any changes. I think I did not believe enough in what I was saying, not giving enough meaning to it.
I wonder how you can suppress those limiting beliefs, at a subconscious level.

It may happen simply by keeping doing it, but also I once read some advices on how to create an affirmation… Another suggestion is that of using only one or few for a certain period.

Yeah I think using only one or two would be best as your energy is less likely to go into several directions and you can focus better

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I usually use affirmations, too.
But I repeat them in my mind until I fall asleep.
I’m trying to impact my psyche when I use them.
As far as I understood you, you’re repeating
them throughout the day?

Try to use your affirmations until falling asleep.
It’s powerfull and you see it in form of dreams
if it works.

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You don’t You need to replace them with beliefs that cause you to feel better. This is done via hypnosis, and there are various methods. One of my favourites is to call on Lord Kiltan (BoA). Another favourite of mine is sleep hypnosis or subliminal messages played on loop during sleep. Affirmations are a great tool too.

Personally, my favourite affirmation is this (borrowed from Robert Bruce, and then modified):

I am loved and I am worthy.
I am safe and I am free.
I am powerfully protected.
I am master of my body.
I am ruler of my mind and my vibration.

I memorised it and when I feel the need, I repeat it out loud authoritatively, with full intent.

You know when an affirmation is starting to work. It’s when you’ve gone from hoping to knowing, when reciting it out loud makes you feel eager and great.

You could take yours, record it, then play it on loop at a low volume every time you sleep.

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Yeah I’ve been doing them throughout the day and when going to bed. Haven’t really tried it as I drift off though I may have actually had an experience as a result of the affirmations waking up the other day. It was quite incredible. I was felt like I was sort of half waking half dreaming and it was like I was watching my own mind clear. A bunch of brown clutter and garbage like chunks of debris fell off my vision and I saw simple whiteness. In that instance it was exactly like what people say the Buddhists experience. Complete nothingness but not in a desolate or unhappy way. It was complete bliss and everything felt crystal clear. Just incredible.

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I tried subliminals for quite a long time with no “results” by that I mean no change of mind. When I reached the point when listening to this every night felt like a burden I told myself stopping was best, I don’t want to force anything. But these were not my own creation.
Maybe I’ll try to record my own, that’s a good idea indeed :grinning:

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