My "72 Spirit Challenge"

Alright, so I’ve seen a few of these circulating. A personal “feat” to work with each of the 72 spirits in Ars Goetia? I’m in! I’ve already established a base with a few, but why not go all out? I’m not going to do the whole “one a day” thing though, maybe like one a week, and in no way perfectly consecutive. I’ll just outline my plan here, and update when I do anything in regard.

  • first few weeks: just planning, gathering supplies, etc., and also making a small handheld journal detailing the 72.
  • in working: establish a basis with everyone, first and foremost haha. I’m thinking for each I’ll make a small (like 6 inch) clay sculpture, just as a little homage
  • definitely not going “straight down the list” but in more of a way of who I already know, and then it’s a matter of difficulty, dates (for good timing), and what I already have (for offerings, candles, specifics) before needing to shop. Mainly a matter of convenience rather than perfect unnecessary order.
  • Here, I’ll post updates on once planning is complete, a little “hey I’m working with X tonight”, a summary of how it went, updates on the clay sculptures.

Future plans: I saw a thread where someone did a binding ritual with each of the 72, to a single ring they wore.
I may do something similar after working with hem for a while, but not with all 72 (probably). I may do the ones I am closest to/work with the most. If I do so, I’ll post that here.

Currently, I am not home (due to studies and work), so this is a perfect planning period. I am extremely looking forward to this, and I’ll post updates when the time comes!



Here’s the thread about the ring! I love their work all together.


Looking forward to this. Wanted to do one myself but due to my chosen career path, welp. Everything is put on pause or I can only handle one to two spirits. The life of a preschool teacher sucks lol.

Do keep us updated and goodluck! :blush:

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It was never about the ring though bro.

I’ve said as such numerous times within that thread.


Hey! I’m aware of that, I probably didn’t put much detail in my paragraph. I read your thread and it gave me the inspiration to do the “72 challenge”. I was considering the same type of thing after working with all 72, probably a jeweled sheet with each sigil in one of the jewels and Enns on the back (I’ll probably get 2-inch ones) as one whole vessel.


Just got back home! Probably going to touch base with Prince Seere (for like the 500th time I swear I have no clue how he isn’t tired of me yet), and then since it’s soon to be august, soon work with Marquise Ronove

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WAY TO LONG later bu uhh on a whim lets do it.

ended up just hanging around talking with Prince Seere this always happens, uh.