My 3 Day Invocation Experiment: My Report

I am posting this as I have agreed to invoke a spirit into my body and the time frame he suggested was 3 days to be exact, no more no less but for some reason this spirit seems to like to do things in clusters of 3’s.

I made this thread to report how I feel and any interesting information that comes my way as the spirit and I are one, currently connected by thought, feeling, and emotion. I will report back if at any time during the 3 day invocation I feel the need to share any thing crucial or enlightening with you and to update on anything strange that might happen.

Upon him entering my body I felt an immediate cold chill in the room and then my body suddenly felt as if I was weighted down, heavier than usual, a little harder to move my extremities so I apologize in advance for any typos or grammatical errors as I am finding it harder to type than usual.

-Feeling a little sedated yet full of energy at the same time

-Vision suddenly enchanced and the world around looks 5D instead of 3D

-Colors seem so much more beautiful than usual

-I feel as if every object around me is essentially the same thing, all connected, as if there no such thing as multiple objects that exist separately from one another, everything is connected as a whole, part of one big illusional system similar to a computer program.

-I feel that even I am one with my surroundings

-I am much more sensitive to textures and when I touch something I can feel it with my fingertips but I feel as if I actually does not exist.

-I am suddenly able to read at a lightning fast speed that even my brain cannot seem to keep up with, like I am reading everything I see much faster at the speed of the spirit and my eyes cannot keep up but my brain is somehow still able to take in the information I am processing and retain every word that I read.

-I feel like the chair I am sitting in is attached to me in a way of sorts, but I recognize that it is still just a mere object and not literally part of my body.

-Every so often when I am in deep thought it starts to lightly thunder as if the world around me vibrates as the spirit talks inside of my mind, his voice gently rattling the earth beneath me and above me.

-My reflexes and hand-eye coordination are much faster

-I can feel the energy of the animals around me, like I am connecting with their emotions and desires too

-The beauty of the plants and trees in my direct vicinity are emanating with a beautiful energy that pours out of the flower buds and branches like water, that flows toward me and into my soul. Soaking up its essence in general. Very lovely and pleasant vibe, plants are alive just as we and they give off a very positive energy if one is willing to listen and feel. After all the plants are our life force, without them we cannot survive so in a way, I am feeling the life force coming from these plants. The sustenance that gives us breathe and life.

-I am having some very strange thoughts about the way the universe really works and that we utlimately created ourselves but I am still trying to grasp that concept and how it pertains to human life and reality. Seeing the world in a whole new light, brightly shining beyond the horizons, far more than I could ever see but it’s out there, filling the earth with it’s gentle vibrations and only those truly connected to nature can experience the world from this view.

-Feeling very poetic, a craving for literature. I need to read and write. Feeling as if I could sit down right now and add another 80 pages to my book if I write all night like I did the other day.

-Very unique exchange of thoughts here with the entity. As you can see I seem to be trailing here. One moment, based on the way my writing is formatted, you can tell that the words are strictly coming from me, RavensAscent, and at other times the words are composed of an entirely different structure that is clearly not words of my own if one will take the time to closely evaluate and make the comparison.

So far this energy is overwhelming in a good way, I feel so alive, I feel like I could write and write all night and never stop were it not for the fact that sleep is a requirement for the human body and mind. I am full of words yet I cannot fully express exactly how I feel, this is something you need to experience for yourself to truly understand it. Any thoughts? Comments? Anyone suddenly think I am a nutbag? Haha, nutbag, that came out all wrong.

You should hear me talk right now, speaking at the speed of light, sounding like a crazy rambling schizophrenic to others probably.??


I don’t think you’re crazy, I recognise some of this from my own experiences although a lot is also unique to you. But I recognise the shifting of consciousness, so one minute you’re typing as “you” and the next, not.

One thing you can do is come back and read everything you wrote after the possession is ended, and see how it feels to you - when I was carrying my demonic Child, I was more possessed than I realised, and when I later came back and read stuff I’d posted here (as well as everyday e-mail and the like) it was like reading someone who’d logged on as me and imitated my writing style, but not really like I’d typed it. I remembered doing it, but the emotional resonance felt “off” somehow, it was truly weird.

I’d be really interested if you have a similar feeling after this ends?

Also, have you notced any changes in food - wanting to eat far less, or wanting to eat different types of things?

This is really cool stuff, and thank you for sharing! :slight_smile:

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Just my thoughts here but maby you should have a journal. That way you could look back at any personal knowledge or enlightenment shared by the spirit. Glad to see you enjoying the expireance.

Lady, I so envy you right now; that’s all I can say. I am so happy for you. What wouldn’t I give to be in your shoes. Enjoy and make the most of the experience. May I ask which spirit are you lucky to be enjoying the company right now?

You are specifically being blessed for acknowledging the spirits nature and not catoring to stupid ideas of how the world should be like Christianity. You acknowledged its power and doing so invited more of it i to your life. It is a sort of “Loyalty Reward” by bringing its presence more into being and of course your natural resonance to such things. Naturally, being female helps.

I think your syntax and stuff has changed a bit since you started this. You somehow sound more masculine. I’ve done ghostwriting professionally, and I think I have an “ear” for people’s style, although of course that’s just subjective.

I’ll be interested when you’re back to yourself with no other consciousness, what you make of your own writing here? :slight_smile:

Odd you mention I somehow sound more masculine. Earlier my daughter was having some emotional conflicts about her come-and-go father and I was trying to explain to her why he acts the way he does. I was able to explain how men feel emotionally and how they supress their emotions to uphold a more masculine stance and that if such an image is not upholded, men are subjected to bullying and criticism by society. I was able to explain this to her in full detail as if I was a man speaking to her trying to tell her how human males feel and think because she doesn’t understand why her father seems so emotionally distant and avoids emotional situations all together.

I was telling her this because she felt like her father does not care about her, that he hates her, but he really doesn’t he is just stand-offish because he feels awkward being around her these days after his ex-wife forbode him from coming around her from the time she was 7 months old until just recently when they broke up. They got married like a month after they met, moved really fast. She was one of those bitches that got prego and milked it for all it was worth, using him to get money but she was jealous of my child and wanted her out of his life. Her dad said, I can’t come to your house and visit my daughter but ,my new wife said she could come here.

Really? Da fuck is she gonna go over there around a woman that hates her and wants her gone from her dad’s life. Who knows how that woman would treat her while I’m not around so I wasn’t about to let her go over there around that bitch because if she woulda touched my little girl the wrong way just one time I woulda ended up in jail that week for assault cuz I woulda laid her ass flat on the concrete. Why on earth would a woman get with a man that already had a kid by someone else knowing she is jealous of that kid, then try to force that man to get rid of his first child? Cinderella anyone?

About what you said on possession; I think yes, you definitely was possessed without your permission. Those changes in character, tastes and behaviour are sure signs. Now you can see the difference to when you actually invite a spirit to enter you, and you and that spirit are in agreement.
I suggest you ask the spirit that is within you now, to try and find out which one did invade you before. It could not have erase all of its identity from you, so if there is anyoneone qualified to find out, it will be your current guest. I won’t cost you anything to ask…

Has anyone ever noticed that even when thirsty with a dry mouth, they need less water during an invocation or tend to ignore feelings of thrist as they are more focused on learning and other things? Then the thirst catches up with you and you end up downing a bunch of water and it feels like the spirit is being “shocked” by the sensation of extremely cold water going down your throat into your belly?

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I have the experience like tat,sudenly,i get mire knwledge flowing to me,i mean books,show up ,and i got more friends who share some knwledge to me,i use to work a lot,now im feeling a compulsory magic practice every nght, and lits of energy, eating,no so much,but i feel powerful at times,and also dedicated a altar to all the spirts,im familiar,tru the suddenly speed i git is been notice,by coworkers,and my reading is so fast,and i became impatient whit slow peopls

Yes, I’ve found I don’t want to eat, drink, or sleep, then the feeling when I finally do is bizarre. I guess that’s the reaction of a consciousness who doesn’t need those things?

This is amazing . Do you still remember everything you read that day? Was comprehension accelerated too?

Hope to hear more.

Sorry, RavensAscent is no longer on the forum so is unable to reply to you.

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thanks for the update.