Must Tools required for every magicians?

Which tools should every magicians should possess???For e.g Candles,Dagger,Mat,e.t.c???
Because I want to make a list of items to buy material for magic???I haven’t created my altar yet…


A cool old hardback book.
Poetry is cool, outdated reference is really cool.
Books have flavors like candles. Use actual medical handguides for healing, books about war for curses and so on.

Oh! Banish with Descartes.
I have that from the library.
Cogito ergo Sum
I’m serioisly doing that tonight.

Thanks for the idea good luck :vulcan_salute:


Must have tools : belief, pen and paper.

Optionally everything else : candles, incense and so on.


The only essential tools are consciousness, it’s pal the imagination and feeling. Then you’ve got your physical consciousness, that is an aspect of pure consciousness, that helps you feel that “mind-body” connection. That’s it. All the rest is hoopla. I too am creating my altar, it’s nice and handy but we must keep the focus firmly on the true power at work: consciousness.
All the tools, correspondences and rituals are only props–potent props at that–to shift consciousness.


Candles,pen and paper, circle, dagger, Incense,censer.

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I second that. It’s easy to forget what’s really essential when you spend a lot of time researching and learning from experienced and established occultists with fancy altars, robes and ritual daggers. Will, energy, meditation, optimism will carry you further than picking out the right incense. However, incense helps.


You’re right. The tools help and, sometimes, fabulously so but the real power is the consciousness. However, initially it’s quite easy to get lost in the correspondences :).


Use the search bar to look through old threads. This has been discussed a few times before. If you’ve any questions about what you read in the thread, post your question in that thread. ( Necro threads are perfectly fine here )

The Mind.

Everything else aids you and is secondary.
Master the mind and you’ll master reality, many magicians are so caught up in tools.
Like herbs, gems, candles, oils, sigils, athames etc. While all these can help I’ve met magicians who have the best of the best magickal tools.

Yet I’ve met other magicians who gain better results with no tools because they don’t let the tools become a distraction.

They use their mind, many times I’ve actually had to force myself to put my tools away because over time you get so caught up in the ritual tools that they pull you’re attention away from the grand gateway which is you’re own consciousness.


A will of his/her own and the intention to make it happen. I find tools are optional things. I don’t use tools besides tarot cards. I don’t buy candles, daggers, or any of that, although pen and paper if you’re wanting to jot down your work.

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That being said tools can vary.

Beginner Tools.

  1. Candles - Try and get various colours
  2. A Journal - To add notes, incantations, Personal gnosis, sigils, symbols etc.
  3. Bowl of salt water - Charge the salt water use it to purify and rejuvenate the area.

Intermediate Tools

  1. Candles - All colours
  2. Types of Journals - Have a journal for different things, one for symbols and sigils, another for personal notes, another for gnosis, another for ritual guides etc.
  3. Incense - Cones, Sticks, Resin whatever you feel comfortable with.
  4. Gateway - Black mirror, Crystal Ball whatever it maybe it’s a focal point for divination and scrying sessions
  5. Ritual Blade/Athame - Best to use a sharp dagger, however any knife will do the trick.
  6. Herbs - Gain a understanding of what herb does what so to say and then get a little collection.
  7. Gems and Crystals - You can literally get loads of jars off gems and Crystals for like £25 online so do that instead of buying one at a time.

Adept Tools.

  1. Candle Making Supplies - To make you’re own candles, which you imbue with oils and herbs and bodily fluids to create a actual creature of you’re intent.

  2. Ritual Sword/Staff/Athame/Spear - Used in various different rituals it acts as a extension of one’s self and power.

  3. Elixirs and oils - Various concotions made with herbs, bodily fluids, crushed crystals, essential oils. Some individuals use like bone powder and many other things. These are used in advanced rituals.

  4. Lancet - Used for bloodletting

  5. Ritual Circle - Used to empower the individual. Some actual do hold power, others just simply act as the space for the operator to centre them in the universe.

  6. Idols - Vessels and spirit houses for the entities you’re working with at the time, helps anchor them and their power and presence in our lives and this reality.

  7. Black Cloth Pouch - I use this often to place certain items in, this material actually protects the energy of certain items.

Now I could go on and on and on.
The list of tools are different depending on you’re path and you’re particular paradigm.

The greatest most powerful tool is you and you’re MIND, WILL and INTENT.


Thanks Bro for the advice!!!

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Honestly, fire. Candles work but I use a firepit.
A cup. I personally use a shell.
A dish, for incense and burning stuff.
My practice requires a satchel/bag of personal stuff, items, mostly miigis shells, wood cuts, stones and eagle feathers.

I made my own bone knife which I use for most ritual.
I made a walking stick which a ritually use for a staff.

But honestly I do not have to use anything.


Concerning ritual blades.
I am going to try and work my first magic tomorrow. It is candle magic. I have to carve the name of God into my candle.
I need a knife for this.
I have been reading a ton of stuff. One of the things I read was that magic tools should be used only for magic. So I shouldn’t use the pocket knife I carry around with me to carve the name because it has “vibrations” or something that can mess up the working. Also, the book says once I have used the candle for ritual magic I should not use that candle for any other purpose. is this true of the knife too? Once I use the knife for magic, I should not use it to cut my steak or gut a trout or whatever.
I guess what I am asking is if there is sort of an all-purpose knife for the beginning magician. Or does the knife you get depend on what tradition you work in. Does a “dark” magic guy want a different knife than an RHP guy?

Thank you for considering this question (and for answering if you decide to)