Must air spirits be invoked facing east?

Trying to open two sigils, my altar was set to the west as I’ve done a lot of evening conjurations facing the direction of Luna and mercury (west).
Does direction make a difference?

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It can, theoretically, but I do not let it prevent me from giving it a go anyway. My understanding is that for air spirits you want to face East or North, depending on what synchs with you. East for angelic types, south for the dead, west for general work with daemonics and north for other intelligences. I will be calling upon King Peralda myself later on (probably with a common goal) and I will be facing North.

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Sometimes. If you don’t face the appropriate direction, you may find the spirit manifesting there anyway. I once evoked a particular demonic King facing South, but the spirit actually manifested from the West.

Edit to add: Some spirits have a preference and will manifest there.


This is subjective and depending on what system of magic you are using will vary.

Okay … So Sastan and some of the associated non elemental spirits should be West or North, and the incense smoke was straight lining in the west before going northwest. Interesting. Thanks!

Some people feel it’s necessary to correlate everything but if it feels irrelevant to you, don’t worry about whether you’re doing it wrong. In honesty there’s very little in magic that simply doesn’t work if you try to do it.

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That was another thing … I found my voice and will extremely passive, so I did my best to sit with a straight back but relaxed, and commanding through frustration became less passive, borderline dominant.

I even tried closing my eyes and chanting and commanding while trying to visualize the sigil with closed eyes (not too bad a job, my humble self must say).

Same here, he manifested behind me

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Interesting! I will have to see if the direction matters for my guy.

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Yes, what is maybe the main direction is East.
I once read (don’t remember where) that the magician could assume a certain direction to be the right one; in fact I often do so. For example, I don’t know how much it’s a correct procedure, but I do most of the rituals/spells while sitting in front of the PC.

As i said the directions of the elements depend on the system you are using for example alot of western systems have this.
Air- east
Water- west
Fire- south
Earth - north

In Black magic of ahriman we work with the elements of counter creation so things are reversed representing
Storm winds - west
Waters of the abyss- east
Blackened fire - north
Black earth - south

Now that said some texts do say certain spirits have a direction they prefer to manifest in.

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Fascinating, thank you all.