Musicians - How do you fuse your music with magick?

How do you guys go about incorporating music into your occult practice? I am currently in the middle of trying to commune with several goetic demons, namely lucifer and marbas and have it in mind to compose music as an offering, to further establish rapport before making any demands. It’s just about getting past that initial hurdle of being able to communicate clearly. I have been meditating everyday for several months now to help with this.

Anyway, I’m really interested in hearing how you guys are combining music with magick.

Inspiration, ambiance, dancing, playing, singing. Good background music can really empower a ritual or spell

I agree…and sorry I should have been more specific, I meant in terms of musical composition. My question is aimed more at musicians. I’ve amended the thread title.

You can assign cordiantes through the music and notes and shit or you could just write songs in devotion or between the lines. A famous band who does this is twenty one pilots and andy beirsack as well as brendon urie all hide magick in their music. Heres some examples

you can also get crafty your symbolism and visuals and work occult or just general magick in to that way. I literally have relased music with sigils as the covers

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Here is what one member did:

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My hands are the ass of my Holy Guardian Angel, and he always shits great tunes