Musical Spirits Giving Me Trouble

So, I’m making a commercial for my website, and I’ve been having a HELL of a time getting things right.
Why you may ask?
Allow me to explain.

So, my commercial is featuring the theme song of Doctor Facilier in The Princess and the Frog. I’ve gotten all the video organized in the editor, and for some odd reason, video that’s not supposed to be in the video AT ALL pops up.

It’s not an issue of the file format, because I edited all this week on other videos with the same format, and it had no problem.

I reproduced the video several times. This is so strange that I’ve shown my sister this, and it still did it in front of her. Now she is spooked.

It’s hilarious.

So, I figured, I must not have done the song justice. Though truthfully, my inner voice tells me that I shouldn’t use this musical piece for this project, or at the very least ask spiritual permission.

So, instead I decided to try to make the video better cut, and more aesthetically pleasing. Then the editor cut out altogether mid edit, and upon reopening and recovering the project, the files I’d added were gone.

Oh, yes I get the message. Find another song.

I also have most of this video documented as well.

I find it funny, but also I’m not going to “fuck around and find out” either.
So, I’m going to find a new song.

How are you doing today?


I watched a video for the song, and that’s the general vibe I get as well. There’s a spirit saying don’t use this song.


I think you’re most likely dealing with the spirit of digital rights management. Its a fairly new egregore conjured up in the editing software you are using, and he falls under the pantheon of Walt Disney. A lot of litigious lawyer spirits are involved with this group, and they are all completely resistant to ceremonial magicks. I would recommend using a DRM free version of the audio file, and possibly a better editing program. Or use a different song. Good luck!

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I would agree, but i use non drm and drm music in my works with wild abandon.

This has never happened.

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How strange, it must be so!

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Its also great coffe table conversation.

From my limited understanding, this character is loosely based on Papa Legba (Eleggua). This movie uses the classic trope of “voodoo as evil” in making him a villain. As we know, voodoo/vodun is not evil.

Perhaps, Papa Legba does not like being portrayed as evil. So, there could actually be a curse on this song.

Also, I would be very careful of using any content from Disney Corporation. They are known to send spells called “Cease and Desist” orders.

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It is possible.
However I have counters to those cease and desist spells.
I call it, running off to the woods and hiding.

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