Musical Sigils

I have been thinking of a way to create musical based or sound based sigils ie using sound or frequencies to entrain the intent into the subconscious through repetitious looping. So for instance say you write down music notes in random to create a sigil like image while holding the intent. Then putting them into software to play them into a sound byte and listening to it on quiet with the intent for several minutes while you do something else. Now this along with others can be added to a loop that you can meditate to or listen to while you sleep for sound entrancement upon the mind. You can add it as lower noises to a alpha wave and listen to activate or play in background of a corresponding ritual or listen while masturbating or during sex etc. Another one we could do is turn the sound into an alpha frequency loop as is.

To expand on this you could apply an intent to a frequency, choosing a random frequency and holding the intent while you listen to it. I like the idea of this since sound produces geometric shapes and a few that are sacred like cross like shapes and floral or wave patterns as seen in cymatics. In essence you could take a frequency and adjust until you get a shape that suits your desire or looks magickal and draw this down whole playing said frequency for a double whammy.

The ancients used sound and frequency a lot in all that they did and so I believe it plays a major part in our magickal lifes and is probably a very quick and potent way to elicit results. I have also found some online websites that convert images into sound so you can take a sigil you design with the intent and turn it into a sound and simply loop it while holding the intent and add that with others into a longer loop yourself like I said prior to create a larger sigil that you can meditate to.