Hello guys im a so called ‘‘rapper’’ that seeks to improve my craft and i was just wondering if there’s any spirits that could help me with this?

I read a story that lil wayne made a pact or had a pact made for him with Murmur. Guess it scared the shit out of him and he started wearing crosses and going to church lol either way, it’s entertaining to imagine. Personally, I’d go with Belial or Paimon.

Try Dantalion he’s said to teach all arts, that includes music


If you do your research, there plenty of Entities that are specific for the "arts’ - music, painting, sculpture…etc.

Do you have the BofA (Book of Azazel)? There is a Demon in there (I’m going from memory so excuse me) I believe 6 - 7 in, in the portion dealing with the Nethers that specifically does that which you seek.

ipos/ipes makes men witty and bold. aim and balam also make you witty. zagan makes you witty and can transform you. foras makes you eloquent. you’ll probably want to go for a combination of the above, do a little research on them and take it from there.