Ever since I been working with King Paimon and Aphrodite on music/ my lyricism has gotten better and better.
I also want to note that when working with spirits as an artist once you start to hit the “flow” state it’s actually very very easy for the spirit (Whatever spirit you’re working with) to posses you/ inspire you etc etc
Yesterday I was writing a love song staring into Aphrodite’s sigil and literally the lyrics just came pouring out of my mind like water
I was coming up with flows/ lyrics iv’e really never used before . After I wrote the song I did an invocation of her and the song came out to be one of my best . And iv’e been doing music since 2016 so you can imagine how many songs ive written since then. Working with spirits as an artist was the spark I was missing. Now I can make music how i really want to / say what I really want to / and make something extremely meaningful and catchy at the same time. And also if im being honest letting a spirit take over you while creating is a high in itself. It’s like consciously blacking out yet still being there at the same time. (For me it feels like time and space just stops when I create) Of course that’s just me being dramatic but that’s how I like to think about it


Yo my free style, will make you cry haha :wink:

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haha Iv’e had countless people say some of my songs made them cry in the past.

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Thats good, demons feed on negative feels hehehehe feed them bro

Wish you luck, and to be famous

haha thanks man

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