Music which cures your Depression!

Depression is a very serious condition, mate. We’re not going to cure it by just listening new music, no matter what.


Its important that you stop listening to main stream music asap because they are actually recorded in a frequency range that can be harmful to humans, you should also stop to watch the news…

Another great tip is to inhale the fire element. Water is usually associated with depression and in order to restore balance fire is needed. (Thats at least how I have done it when I experienced depressive episodes)


I have manic depressions.
My go for the day is. => starting with powermetal (Sabaton for me) or Blackend death metal, something epic like Amon Amarth would be My go. Then you should lean over to music whichever pulls you up or should pull you down because Our too active or too tired of life. When I wanna pull myself down I’d go with some songs of hellyeah (they have some powerful songs tho) or with Bullet for my Valentine (same but waaaay more calming down) to push me up I discovered that the brutal and easy songs from balgeroth (the German songs of Debauchery) mostly about Warhammer and death an rage and blood pulls me up while shouting the lyrics.
When I go to sleep I pull Warfruna (pagan music very calm) out of Spotify and listen to Helvegen I can’t sleep without it because my head is exploding otherwise ^^.
But yeah, may not fit everyone :joy::metal::skull:

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I agree things like music can help, but it’s not going to cure depression especially if it is due to a chemical imbalance. I’ve been dealing with it since 1990, trust me, and I do listen to a lot of frequency healing type music and it may help at times, but it doesn’t cure it.

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Blasting behemoth very loud helps stave off oncoming panic attacks for me sometimes. So I get it.


The sweet symphony of the finality of death.

I wish I could recognize them before they are coming lol. Had to gave my job as an cashier with decent money for less work up because of this shit.

My personal playlist for depression? Metallica (kill em all album especially) motorhead, mayhem, Slayer, dark throne, bathory, anthrax, midnight, venom etc.

Lately I’ve been listening to 8p-Sb Richardland. they are from Japan. I don’t even know how i found them lol

Classical music can help. Depression has to do with emotion management. 60 beats per minute will help calm down your state of mind. Anything faster will increase your stress. Modern music sucks with all the stupid lyrics that is bad programming fast beat style. THe cure is in learning about emotions and embracing it. To respond by choice not conditioned reflex of emotion. Go study Neuro linguistic programing. Has help millions of people.


I’ve had Bartzabel stuck in my head since you made this comment :slight_smile:


I mean no shit fam it isnt even my type of stuff but these do put a smile on my face .

I look and listen to them and i am more happyer as per usual.

It isnt a permament fix it needs internal work but if comes externaly source and music this is my shit :joy:

/I mean look at that Face is like Man… i am gonna say it it will be super hilarious but i am not gonna do it…It is like cheese the longer you wait the bether it gets …/(He sworn due to a spiritual practice or tened that he never talks)\

Enjoy :kissing_heart:

Anything high energy will help that’s why I listen to rap

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