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Gentleman and Gentleladys and welcome to the forum of rather more whimsical and meditation inspiring music thread.

I know we have a cool music thread but I just love to meditate upon music not the typical meditation music but like so called normal ones that where played on Radios… Once or twice.Or some online streaming sites… Once or maybe thrice! Who knows🤷🏻‍♂️Or really old and forgotten ones or just really experimental and truly unique pieces.

That means there should not be like music been shared who are like you know more vulgar leaning, etcetc. more like who have a positive message and an Ave like atmosphere in it. Or simply put one goes also on an journey of interesting discoverys and aesthetics. A clear Atmosphere is present!

I know we have differences in taste and of such. Also Asmr are allright. But there should be these Categories present.

Electric Melody.
Emotionality of Melancholy Happyness and Love and Compassion, Sadness.
Normal Instruments are also in use

Anger I rather not go with that bc yeah you know if you wanna meditate I don’t think you can do that really that successfully if someone screams’‘I wanna twist some throats’'in your ear loudly gonna help with it. Just sayn🤷🏻‍♂️ but if its keept at a bearable measurement that’s also OK.

Describe your insights, feelings with it what represent this musical expirience(s) for you.

Create playlists share and meditate. ~




A rather Pleasant start for music meditation I feel is this lil track.

It feels for me like a Human thrown into the vast Universe. Empty of meaning free of bindings. Experiences the ultimate bliss of letting everything forever go and becoming one with the whole existence that is.

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Same guitarist for both of these. First one is his solo project, and this is one of his bands.

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Could it be magic, by Barry Manilow, and the 1991 , New Years Eve version, by Take That 5 minute +. Battle sons, sorcery. ( I know, it’s a love song, but, it comes across as something else.)

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Ssshhhh🤫calm down calm down.

Just get in a comfortable position or lay down.

Plug in your headphones or Headwear and activate the playbutton… you are goin into an journey… a journey to


You can also play OFFPEAK city! For free on Steam. It is atmospheric and unique. more I will not say other than I love meditating upon this…

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This video games soundtrack always had a special place in my heart. This song in particular just calms me like no other.

Found this randomly on youtubes recommended vids. Been using it for a few days now and it really helps put me in the zone. Haha
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